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Basic prezi on imagery for 7th grade

Jennifer Peets

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Imagery

Imagery uses language to evoke a picture or a concrete sensation that appeals to one of our senses. IMAGERY There are 5 types of imagery, each relating to the 5 senses: 1. Tactile imagery (touch)

2. Aural imagery (sound)

3. Visual imagery (sight)

4. Olfactory imagery (smell)

5. Gustatory imagery (taste) "Scorching heat wrapped around my face when I leaned in to toss another log in the fire." "The crackling flames popped loudly as the fire engulfed the new logs." "The fire's soft, yellow glow danced across the campers' faces." "The dull smell of smoke would linger on my coat for days." "The crisp, charred outside of my marshmallow was the perfect contrast to the sugary goo inside." Time to practice! Create a better sentence in your sourcebook by using imagery. Example: It was hot. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead as the sun's intense rays beat down on my face. 1. The sweater was itchy.
2. The forest was quiet.
3. Dinner smelled great.
4. The room was dark.
5. The music was loud.
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