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Map of Macbeth's Soctland

A map detailing the locations in Scotland where Macbeth took place.

Michael Everett

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Map of Macbeth's Soctland

The Scotland of Macbeth
A Field Near Forres
Birnham Wood
Macduffs Castle
The Court of England
The Fields Near Dunsinane
Glamis is the land the Macbeth is the thane of at the beginning of the play. While no events occur in Glamis during the play, it is still an important location for Macbeth.
Macbeth, after his impressive victory in battle with Cawdor's original Thanes' troops, rescuing the Kings son in the process, it given Cawdor to rule over. No events in the play take place in Cawdor, but is important nonetheless because it is because, while the witches also gave Macbeth a prophecy stating he would be king, being the Thane over Cawdor as well as Glamis might have made Macbeth a bit more power hungry.
Both Malcolm, Duncan's orphaned son, and Macduff, Lord of Fife, go to the King of England in order to appeal for help dealing with Macbeth. They are both treated fairly well while they are there. Macduff asks for help and has Siward, Leader of the English Army, the men who invade and destroy Macbeth's Army at the end of the play, return with him and Malcolm to defeat Macbeth. Siward's son, Young Siward is killed by Macbeth.
Scone is an ancient royal location, used as a royal residence and as the coronation site of Scotland's kings. Macbeth goes here to be crowned after his is made King after Duncan's tragic and totally unforeseen assassination that Macbeth definitely did not commit.
The field where it all begins. A wounded captain comes and tells the king of Macbeth's prowess in battle and how he broke through the traitorous Thane of Cawdor's lines and saved the King's son, thus securing Macbeths Lordship over Cawdor. It is also on this field that we first meet the thee Witches and listen as they spin their prophecies and tell them to Macbeth and Banquo as they leave the battle. Thus planting the seed of terrible ambition. After which Macbeth receives the news that he is now Thane of Cawdor as well as Glamis.
It is in Forres that Macbeth will eventually make his seat for his rule. First, however, the must hear Duncan speak, as he compliments Macbeth and Banquo on a job well done. He then makes Malcolm his official successor, throwing a rather hefty wrench into Macbeth's plans.
After Duncan's death, Macbeth returns to Forres in order to rule. He stages a great feast for all of his subjects, minus Macduff, who never shows up. He also has Banquo killed, and his son Fleance escapes, which worries Macbeth. Banquo's death hangs heavy over Macbeth, and Macbeth has visions involving seeing Banquo in his chair, this causes him to panic and scare his guests, angering Lady Macbeth.
Later on, Lennox is shown to be suspicious of Macbeth and his intentions.
A Cavern, In the middle, a boiling cauldron
We meet the witches again, and one of the most parodied, parts of Shakespeare plays out, "Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble..." As the Witches create a spell with rather horrifying ingredients. Macbeth barges in and has them prophesy once more. He hears from three spirits, warning him about Macduff, who although he sees as mostly harmless, he decides to kill, how he could only be killed by one not born of woman, and how he need not worry until Burnham wood moves against Dunsinane hill, all of this makes Macbeth more and more confident. He demands the Witched show him one more thing and he is shown a line of kings, Banquo's descendents.
Inverness is Macbeths castle. This is where Duncan spends his last days as he has come to visit Macbeth and his wife. This is also where Duncan is assassinated by Macbeth with his wife. After which, in the ensuing chaos, Macbeth makes his bid for the throne and Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan's sons both leave the country, both in fear for their lives.
Macduffs Castle is the site of the greatest atrocity ordered by Macbeth, the massacre of Macduff's family, including the children.
(It's also where the greatest line in Shakespeare is spoken, "You Egg!")
Dunsinane is the location of the legendary final battle between Macbeth and and the armies of Siward and Malcom. Macbeth makes his last stand here, his wife dies here, and the play ends here, with Macbeth decapitated by Macduff, a man not born of a woman with Malcolm emerging from it all as King.
These fields are where Burnham Wood encroaches upon Dunsinane. The Armies of Siward begin their attack here, with Malcolm and Macduff also leading.
Michael Everett
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