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Black Beauty

No description

Natalia Diamond

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Black Beauty

Black Beauty
Black beauty- the story is told from the perspective of this extraordinary horse
Black Beauty
The story is told trough the view of Black Beauty and where you can follow his every ups and downs he faces, from when he grows up to when he is sold to a rich family and through his change of his owners until his last home.
Black Beauty was sold to Jerry Baker which is a Cab-man. This meant hard work pulling carts day and night. However Jerry was kind and gentle, he respected the horses a lot, and Jerry never overworked the horses. Sadly, one night Jerry got terribly sick and soon they figured out that he no longer could be a Cab-man so Jerry could not keep the horses. Once again Black beauty was sold. Black Beauty had many other owners in which were very harsh, cruel, and bad drivers. After slaving for many years there was a horrible innocent that happened, Black Beauty injuried his legs very badly because of being overworked. The owner did not want to deal with a injured horse so Black Beauty was sold again.
About the Author... Anna Sewell
One horse, one story, one Black Beauty. An autobiography about one beautiful horse from the beginning to the end.
Publication date
Original Published by Jarrold and Sons on November 24 1887
My book:
In 2001 the Illustration copy was published by the Templar Company Limited
Then 2007 the Design copy was published by the Templar Company Limited.
On July 29 1994 the movie of Black Beauty was released based off the book.
Anna Sewell
Anna was born March 30 1820 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Her father, Issac Sewell and her mother Mary Sewell were both children book writers. She also had one younger brother named Phillip. When Anna was 12 her family moved to Stoke Newington where for the first time she attended school. After 2 years she injyured her ankles and could not work for the rest of her life because it was not treated propely. As a result she had rode many horses and many horse carriages.
This led her to her love for horses and the concren of humane treatment of animals. Around 1836 she helped her mother edit her books. After this she wrote Black Beauty from 1851-1887 and was published to a hometown company on Novemeber 24, 1877 where it it classified as a children classic. She died at 58 on April 25 1878, five months after her book was published. The church in which she was born is now a museum. Anna Sewell was a great inspiration.
Black Beauty's mother

Squire Gordon- Black beauty's first owner and home
James Howard- black beauty's coachman at his first home
John Manly- Black beauty's first groom
Jerry Baker- Black beauty's second owner which was a cab driver
Other characters include other owners, horses, etc.
Neil Reed
About the illustrator
Neil has illustrated many children books for the past 15 years, some books include "Something for James" and "treasure island". He was influenced by 2 American illustrators Bernie Fuchs and David Grove, he now finds that the beautiful scenery of Cornwall gives him inspiration
What i believe the author wants readers to take from experience of reading the book?
I think the author wants the readers to believe from reading the book is not to be mean to other creatures. She wrote the book in a perspective of a horse to show the struggle they go through, which people do not notice. They think it is okay to use a whip constantly on a horse and do not know how much it hurts them. The book really does make a difference of the way you will look at horses. Animals might not be humans however they are still living things that should be able to have some rights.
The story is told through the perspective, of Black Beauty. Black beauty grew up on a farm with his mother . He had a distinct black coat. After few years at the farm he was sold to Squire Gordon in which he then was called "black beauty." He lived in Birtchwick park and spent most of his life there. At Birtchwick he was respected and well cared . Black Beauty appreciated his caretakers and behaved very well. After several years Squire Gordon's wife got very ill and they had to leave, so black beauty was sold.
I think that Black Beauty relates to the movie "War Horse". I think that theses two relate because they are about a horse, and the struggles and pain they go through to obey there owners. Also both stories take place in the 1900's when horses were the only thing for transportation as for now where we use cars and technology and we actually have respect for horses.
I would not recommend this book to everyone. To understand this book you would have to know a little about horses. There were words in the book such as coachman, thoroughbred etc. which most people would not know. This book also has some sad and harsh parts. And obviously if you do not like horses this is not a good read for you because it is about a horse's life. So if you do not know about horses, or i you do not like sad or mean stories, and if you do not like horses i would not recommend this book. However if you do like horses this book would be a perfect choice. I would also recommend this book to people if they like a happy ending while the rest of the book is about struggling and pain. Also it is a heart filled book with happy and soulful moments. This book is good for both genders. Do not get me wrong this is an amazing read with and great story line however this is probably not a good read for everyone.
Black Beauty's story ends in a kind and loving place, with no fear at all. He was sold to three ladies which he remembers from when was owned by Mr. Gordon, he also reunites with a friend from his past. Black Beauty is tired and old but has lived a good life.
Read the book to find out what his last lucky home was?
Why did i chose this passage?
I chose this passage because it shows how people should respect and be kind to humans and animals no matter their differences. Animals can not talk and that does not mean they have to suffer more because they can not tell us how they feel. They are no different then people and it is wrong to hurt them. They might not be smart however they do have a right in not being harmed for no reason. People should consider the fact that horses have feelings too, and getting whipped hurts. This passage is said by Black Beauty's coachman (James Howard) when he catches a man whipping his horse. James knows that horses should have a voice and be respected.
“We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.”
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