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hello kitty!

hello kitty is from japan

kirsten robson

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of hello kitty!

haro kiti sanrio how was hello kitty
first created? hello kitty was created by sanrio, and sanrio was designed by yuko shimizu. sanrio is the creater of 400 characters! they brought hello kitty into japan in 1974 and was introducedin u.s.a in 1976. the sanrio company is still selling products today. sanrio is a verry hard working company hello kitty,
no mouth hello kitty was not givin a mouth because without a mouth children would be able to put there feeling into hello kitty. if the kid playing or watching hello kitty wouldbe able to share they're emotion with hello kitty. if a child was sad hello kitty could feel the same way. i think hello kitty is better without a mouth popular kitty, hello kitty has her face on clothing to waffle makers.this cute, japanesse and popular feline is the most famous japanesse cartoon selling clothing and toys!i think hello kitty is popular because kids can relate to hello kitty but through they're own mind. she is a really good character and will be around forever. original
apperance haro kiti is a fictional charater created by sanrio( a japanesse company) hello kitty is based on the kawaii segment of the japanesse popular culture. hello kittys first apperance was a white bobtail cat with a pink bow. she was first seen in japan in 1974 and brought to the rest of the world. kitty is one of the most seen faces today! sanrio! sanrio is a sucsessful business. In 2005 Sanrio reported a net profit of 7,621 million yen on a sales of 98,899 million yen! Sanrio has produced lots of characters. some some of them are: badtz maru, my my melody, cinaminroll, charrmy kitty, U*SA*HA*NA*, keroppi, pocacho, little twin stars, purin and more!
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