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2015 9th Grade Trip to China

No description

Cort Bosc

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of 2015 9th Grade Trip to China

2015 9th Grade Trip to China
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
A homestay experience is not for everyone.
You will have an amazing time whether you choose the homestay experience or not.
Senior stories from their homestay.
Do I choose a homestay experience?
Hike the Great Wall of China
Explore Beijing, the capital city of China
Learn about the lives and work of subsistence farmers in rural China
Volunteer in primary schools in small villages
Practice traditional cooking arts in an authentic Chinese kitchen
Explore the minority cultures of the Guizhou/Guangxi or Yunnan Provinces
Have an urban adventure in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai
And possibly, homestay with school families in Kunming, Yunan.
Trip Highlights
Kunming Zhong Ying School
The host families are of students who go to school at Kunming Zhong Ying School.
The Kunming School is the Chinese equivalent of a private K-12 institution here in the US, with approximately 1500 students.
All of our homestay arrangements are being organized by Adventures Cross Country.
These students are incredibly excited to host us, in fact they have offered to "arrange some performances when the students visit eg. drone planes, gymnastics, singing, dancing, memorization skills (some of the students have memorized pi to 2000 decimal places using certain memorization techniques) etc."
However, we'll have to organize a presentation ourselves as well . . .
With whom would I stay?
Students who participate in the homestay experience will spend two nights with a Chinese family in the city of Kunming, the capital and largest city in Yunan Province.
Each PAIR of students will stay with one host family with a student of the same gender and approximate age.
You'll eat dinner, hang out, play games, exchange gifts, and enjoy their company.
You'll also travel with them to school in the mornings and get a glimpse of what Chinese school life is like in Kunming.
What is a homestay?
Becoming Global Travelers:
Exploring the Rural Urban Divide of Modern China

Important Dates
Jan. 15th
- Decision to elect homestay experience due.
Jan. 22nd
- Notification of whether or not you will be on a homestay.
Jan. 26th
- Visa applications and roommate preference selection process.
Apr. 21st
- Parent Night and Group Notification Time!
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