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The Elevation of EIFS

John Edgar Presentation to NWCB on April 10th in Tucson, AZ

Bryce Brandon

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of The Elevation of EIFS

The Elevation of EIFS EIFS and the new Energy Codes Seeing the Future of EIFS Outline NWCB - thank you
EIFS - Brief History
Developments in Canada & USA
Lido Beach Tower retrofit
It's about energy! EIFS Brief History Energy Conservation
Aesthetic appeal
Drainage & air barriers
Energy Conservation
EIFS brings 50 years of proven performance Codes USA Culmination of many years of work by EIMA
Thanks to hard work of Steve Klamke, past Executive Director of EIMA
Also to Bill Preston, Dryvit, who headed the drive and prepared the code slides
International Codes* *USA only EIFS Status within the Building Code Effective January 1, 2009 EIFS has its own section in both IBC & IRC
Validates EIFS
EIFS = to other building products listed in the code
Takes away the discretionary use of EIFS from code officials SECTION 1408

1408.1 General. The provisions of this section shall govern the materials, construction and quality of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) for use as exterior wall coverings in addition to other applicable requirements of Chapters 7, 14, 16, 17 and 26.

1408.2 Performance characteristics. EIFS shall be constructed such that it meets the performance characteristics required in ASTM E 2568.

1408.3 Structural design. The underlying structural framing and substrate shall be designed and constructed to resist loads as required by Chapter 16.

1408.4 Weather resistance. EIFS shall comply with Section 1403 and shall be designed and constructed to resist wind and rain in accordance with this section and the manufacturer’s application instructions.

1408.4.1 EIFS with drainage. EIFS with drainage shall have an average minimum drainage efficiency of 90 percent when tested in accordance the requirements of ASTM E 2273 and is required on framed walls of Type V construction and Group R1, R2, R3 and R4 occupancies.

1408.4.1.1 Water-resistive barrier. For EIFS with drainage, the water-resistive barrier shall comply with Section 1404.2 or ASTM E 2570.

1408.5 Installation. Installation of the EIFS and EIFS with drainage shall be in accordance with the EIFS manufacturer’s instructions
1408.6 Special inspections. EIFS installations shall comply with the provisions of Sections 1704.1 and 1704.14
1704.14 Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). Special inspections shall be required for all EIFS applications.

1. Special inspections shall not be required for EIFS applications installed over a water-resistive barrier with a means of draining moisture to the exterior.
2. Special inspections shall not be required for EIFS applications installed over masonry or concrete walls.

1704.14.1 Water-resistive barrier coating. A water-resistive barrier coating complying with ASTM E 2570 requires special inspection of the water-resistive barrier coating when installed over a sheathing substrate.
Special Inspections R703.9 Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS)/EIFS with drainage. Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) shall comply with this chapter and Sections R703.9.1 and R703.9.3. EIFS with drainage shall comply with this chapter and Sections R703.9.2, R703.9.3 and R703.9.4.

R703.9.1 Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS). EIFS shall comply with ASTM E 2568.

R703.9.2 Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS with drainage. EIFS with drainage shall comply with ASTME 2568 and shall have an average minimum drainage efficiency of 90 percent when tested in accordance with ASTM E 2273.

R703.9.2.1 Water-resistive barrier. The water-resistive barrier shall comply with Section R703.2 or ASTM E 2570.

R703.9.2.2 Installation. The water-resistive barrier shall be applied between the EIFS and the wall sheathing.

R703.9.3 Flashing, general. Flashing of EIFS shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of Section R703.8.

R703.9.4 EIFS/EIFS with drainage installation. All EIFS shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and the requirements of this section.

R703.9.4.1 Terminations. The EIFS shall terminate not less than 6 inches (152 mm) above the finished ground level

R703.9.4.2 Decorative trim. Decorative trim shall not be face nailed though the EIFS.
IRC Language IBC Language EIFS & The Energy Code IECC based on ASHRAE 90.1
Air tight construction required
Steel framing and batts used as the baseline
3.5" cavity = R13 or 15 (published)
only effective to R6.0 - R6.4
due to thermal bridging Proposed ASHRAE 90.1 2010 Standards Developed Industry consensus standards through ASTM to replace previously issued EIMA guidelines and industry test methods

ASTM E 2098 replaced EIMA Std. 105.01
Alkalai Resistance of Reinforcing Mesh
ASTM E 2134 replaced EIMA Std. 101.03
Tensile Adhesion of EIFS
ASTM E 2273 replaced EIMA Std. 200.02
Drainage Efficiency of EIFS
ASTM E 2430 replaced EIMA Spec. for Insulation Board
EPS for use with EIFS
ASTM E 2485 replaced EIMA Std. 101.01 and ICC-ES Procedure
Freeze-Thaw Resistance
ASTM E 2486 replaced EIMA Std. 101.86
Impact Resistance of EIFS

ASTM E 2568 is the conversion of AC 219

ASTM E 2570 is the conversion of AC 212
Canadian Developments New Canadian Standards
EIFS Quality Assurance Program
Training Programs
EIFS Practice Guide
EIFS in Canadian Building Code
...... in about 3 years Raising the Bar Architects required to design details
Sales reps required to know their product
Only licensed manufacturers need apply
Only licensed applicators can bid
Certified mechanics required on every job
Site audits - you can lose your license
Skin in the game
Third party warranty Its about energy If it is not energy efficient
If it is not air tight It is NOT GREEN Lido Beach Towers Lido Beach Towers Existing Conditions Hollow clay tile
Poured concrete
More coatings
Single pane window
Air leaks Converted into condos in 1984
Prior repairs were cosmetic
Gradual detioration followed
Building in Distress Water penetration
Structural issues
Increasing energy costs
Declining property values
Cost of repair....$3 million for more cosmetics (coatings)
Revovation Wall Assembly Repair of existing
Angles at 16" oc
Alignment angle
1" EPS
3" EIFS Air Barrier at Window Assembly
Rough opening
Leveling angles
1" EPS
Air / waterproofing
Barrier membrane
Precast concrete sill

Work in Progress Before EIFS Revovation Happy Condo Owners Questions? Energy Savings Renovation Costs Scope of Revovation Alternatives to EIFS Coatings - cosmetic
Stucco? Solar Equal Wind Equal
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