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Suffixes "~ance, ~ence" Practice Quiz

Practice Quiz for "~ance, ~ence" words.

Zong Heng

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Suffixes "~ance, ~ence" Practice Quiz

1) When you are a vegetarian, you have to show ___ toward people who eat meat at restaurants.

A) diligence
B) annoyance
C) tolerance
D) vegetarian 2) When you don't know the answer to a math problem, you keep on trying. What are you showing?

A) perseverance
B) tolerance
C) defiance
D) elegance 4: Paul had to wait a long time in line to get his tickets for the Twins game. He didn't get mad at all. What is he showing?

A) convenience
B) patience
C) radiance
D) dominance 3) What does the suffix ~ance mean?

A) in the direction of
B) study of
C) a person who
D) state or quality of Suffixes "~ance, ~ence" Quiz 5: Giant, the great dane, usually has ___ over Tiny, who is a small poodle. Giant is bigger than Tiny.

A) perseverance
B) dominance
C) annoyance
D) patience Instructions:
Please take out a piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Write down what you think the answer will be. Answers will be shown at the end! Answers:
1: C
2: A
3: D
4: B
5: B
6: D
7: A
8: C
9: C
10: D
11: A
12: D I hope you understand more about "~ance, ~ence" words. Remember "~ance, ~ence" means state or quality of. 6: Mandy will help her mom pull the weeds in their yard when she has the time. Mandy will pull the weeds at her ___.

A) diligence
B) defiance
C) tolerance
D) convenience 7: The ballerina looked amazing at the show. What
did she show?

A) elegance
B) convenience
C) patience
D) tolerance 8: Nick worked on his science project for the last 4 days. He was very proud after he was done. What does Nick show he has?

A) tolerance
B) annoyance
C) diligence
D) dominance 9: David has been sent to the principal's office because he didn't respect the teacher and follow the teacher's directions. David must have been showing ____.

A) perseverance
B) tolerance
C) defiance
D) patience 10: Joe talks so much next to Tom that he thinks Joe is a bit of an ___.

A) antence
B) alligator
C) alienance
D) annoyance 11: Students who are success show ___ in all of their work.

A. diligence
B. tolerance
C. convenience
D. patience 12. The beautiful ball gown made Cinderella shine with ____.

A. annoyance
B. perseverance
C. dominance
D. radiance
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