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Divergent- Create Your Own Faction - Dynasty

No description

Nyah Cadogan

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Divergent- Create Your Own Faction - Dynasty

Divergent Activity Dynasty Our Beliefs In Dynasty we believe in:
Always being close to your family (no matter what faction you originally came from)
Working together in order to be a powerful faction
Hunting for survival

In Dynasty we wear all camouflage in order to blend in to the wilderness when we go hunting. What we think split the world into factions:
The need to be independent Our headquarters are at Duck Commander Buck Commander in Louisiana Our faction activities include:
Blowing stuff up in our duck blinds Our initiation includes:
Making duck decoys
Shooting squirrels
Frying squirrel brains
Knowing how to make duck calls Dynasty
``A line of rulers or powerful people that all come from the same family`` Characteristics Bravery Strength Strategic Courageous Teamwork Thanks For Watching We're not just a faction, we're a family. Hunting: We hunt for squirrels, ducks, turkeys, frogs, deer etc.
We hunt using guns
We use the animals that we hunt for food supplies Cooking: We cook large family meals on a daily basis
The meals mainly include game meat (e.g duck, deer, moose, fox, etc.)
We also eat frog legs, squirrel brains, turkey etc. By: Nyah, Nadia, Sarah V, Maddie and Jordan Faction Manifesto It is a family. It comes first before anything. It is something that we all are part of, something we all were born in. No matter what, we stay together till the end. Our Movie Trailer
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