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A Parent Presentation for NSW DEC BYOD

This is a presentation that schools can use to discuss the idea of BYOD with their parent community. This presentation has a sample audio script. Feel free to make a copy and edit to suit your needs.

Laurens Derks

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of A Parent Presentation for NSW DEC BYOD

Benefits of BYOD
anywhere any time Learning
easy access to online knowledge
better group work tools
Bring Your Own Device
to School (BYOD)

We want to give your young person the chance to use their own mobile technology as a learning tool.
Our Part
School leadership has been researching
Other Schools?
A growing number of schools are moving in this direction, for example...
Developing 21st Century Skills
The School embracing BYOD means we help students develop their 21st Century skills.
On behalf of the school leadership team, I'd like to say a huge "thank you" for being part of this information session.
Increasing presence of personal technology at school already!
Government funding for school-provided devices is unable to meet the 1:1 ratio.
Styles of BYOD
Anything that connects
School recommended devices
Single, school chosen, parent paid device

These devices allow for many excellent learning opportunities.
The NSW department of education has been creating some excellent resources
We want to connect with you
Which would you prefer?
Sydney Boys High School
Merrylands High School
Lugarno Public School
Harrington St Public School
What teachers are saying:

" I jumped in and did BYOD with my class the last week of term. They were in heaven and so was I! I realised it's not all that scary!"

- AP at Lugarno PS
Learning with Technology
in the 21st Century

learning can take place away from class time
information and knowledge is at their fingertips
technology makes collaboration easier and more efficient
Parent information session
Term 4 2013
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