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Revision of SG Physics Transport

A revision of Standard Grade Physics Transport topic. Covering some important concepts introduced in the topic.

Philip Martin

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Revision of SG Physics Transport

SG Physics Transport Idea 1?
1)Instananeous speed The police might have something to say to you if you don't watch your instantaneous speed... This is the speed taken over a very short time, so it looks as if it is the speed at and INSTANT Next idea?
2) Acceleration Acceleration is another name (at this stage) for a change in speed. So if a speed increases you have an acceleration (v-U)=positive, if you have a decrease in speed you have a deceleration (v-u)=negative. Remember a=(v-u)/t Idea tre!
3)Speed-time graphs v t The area under the graph is the total distance travelled by an object You can calculate accelerations from speed-time graphs by taking initial and final speeds from the graph and reading off the time taken for that change Example 1-

A rocket changes its speed from 100m/s to 150m/s. Calculate the acceleration. WHat is missing?
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