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Plot Elements

setting, plot, character, conflict, and theme (conflict notes saved in dropbox)

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Plot Elements

(6,253,791 RMB)
(2,027,398 Real)
of the
cause: the reason why
something happens
effect: the result or consequence
of something happening
light at the end
of the tunnel
what some people believe you experience when you die
Life is fragile--easily broken.
An accident, an injury, or life situation
could take that thing away from you..
Think about what it would be like to lose what is written on your scrap of paper.

Write down your thoughts about losing that thing.
What would your life be like without it?
How much sadness would you experience?
5 Main Story Elements
A person who takes part in the action of a story
Static characters: a character who does not change much during a story

Dynamic characters: a character that changes because of the story's events
a struggle or clash between opposing characters or forces
the truth about life revealed in a story; what the author wants you to learn
the series of events
that make up a story

the time and place in which the events of a story take place
Protagonist: the main character(s) in a story
Antagonist: the character in a story that is against the protagonist
To fend for yourself means to provide
everything you need without help from anyone else
Chapter One:
On the Way to the Light
What can we INFER is going to happen?
Schema + Evidence = INFER
Exit Ticket
Write a 2-3 sentence summary
of Ch. 1 of Everlost using this starting sentence:
Add this phrase and definition to your
"Powerful Words & Phrases" tab of your
Reader's Notebook
External: on the outside
Internal: on the inside
an external hard drive is OUTSIDE of a computer
an internal hard drive
is INSIDE a computer
2 Main Types of Conflict
External Conflict
Internal Conflict
External Conflict
takes place outside of the body
Internal Conflict
takes place inside of the body/mind
There are
3 types
EXTERNAL conflict.
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
The most common type of conflict where
an antagonist is against a protagonist in some way.
when the characters in a story are against a natural or supernatural force such as weather, animals, zombies, or ghosts.
when the protagonist battles an unjust government or culture.
There is 1 type
of INTERNAL conflict
Man vs Himself
when a character struggles with
emotions, fear, or choices that only
happen inside their mind
Decide what type of conflict is
being illustrated in the
following pictures
Your warm-up is to answer this question!
Today's Goals
1. Read and look for plot elements in a chapter of Unwind together.

2. Finish our notebook letters.

In the story...
Brain Break!
Exit Ticket
Your Name Date

Choose one type of conflict and give an example from a story, book or movie. Here's a sentence you can use:

In the story/book/movie _________, there is man vs. _______ when ....
Dear Mrs. Briseño,

Your first paragraph should tell me what book you're reading (underline the title) and who the author is. You should tell me a short summary of what you have read in the book so far.
This paragraph should be AT LEAST 5 sentences long.

Your next paragraph should NOT BE MORE SUMMARY. It should be about one of the topics from the list I gave you.
This paragraph should be AT LEAST 5 sentences long.
Your next paragraph should NOT BE MORE SUMMARY. It should be about A DIFFERENT topic from the list I gave you.
This paragraph should be AT LEAST 5 sentences long.
Your student,
(your name)
Sign it!
I infer that...
I predict that...
This reminds me of...
I noticed...
I think ____ will happen next...
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