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My sandwhich Shop

No description

Javier Varela

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My sandwhich Shop

Inbetween Company description The location the of the restaurant will be near a beach.
The theme of the restaurant will earth friendly environment.
The restaurant will be power by solar power.
Mission Statement Is to make the most health sandwhich in world and being Earth friendly environment. Funding Future Plans Target Market Products/Menu Service/Production •Funding
•An estimate cost of opening the will be $300,000
•I will put in 10% of my own money into the restaurant and the rest will be borrowing money for the bank.
• Mission Statement
•InBetween offer the best quality in sand 4
If the restaurant does well by month nine, I will start planning for a second location and develop plans for the next unit. My six-year goal is to have 3 restaurants in San Diego beaches. Having an annual profit of between $25,000 and $75,000.
We bring new food like paste but only if is healthy. •The health conscious person- this includes anyone on restricted diet or those who have committed to health diet.
•The location will near a beach and close by collages.
•Curious and open-minded- people will seek out a new experience and learn that nutritious food can be tasty, fun, and convenient.
California Grilled Veggie Sandwich Vietnamese Sandwich Tuna sandwich BLT And many more... •There will be two different types of brad. (White brad and wheat brad)
•There will be over 10 different type of sandwiches like (Vietnamese Sandwich, BLT, California Grilled Veggie, and Tuna sandwich)
•You can choose over 22 toppings like (tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, jalapeños, ranch dressing, American chess) and many more choose.
There will be three ways a customer can purchase food.
They may sit down at one of the 27 seats in the dining room and get full service from a waitperson.
A separate take-out counter will service those who wish to pick up their food.
Most take-out food will be prepared to order with orders coming from either the telephone or fax.
Delivery will be available at 10:30 a.m. to 7:15 and to a limited area.
Every employ must wash there hands after they use the bathroom. Market trends and the & the fture As people want to stay home more and cook less our strategy of delivering prepared meals on a weekly or monthly arrangement may be a widespread accepted new way of eating.
Competition & competitive strategy My compertitors will be Jimmy John's and Subway.
We will offer more healthy food in a lower price.
VS Inbetween Market plan & strategy INBETWEEN INBETWEEN INBETWEEN
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