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How I Met Your Mother

No description

Manogya Tekriwal

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother By: Angela Hua & Manogya Tekriwal Theories Videos Viktor Frankl Abraham Maslow Sigmund Freud Robin Ted Barney Gender Stereotypes & Explicit/Implicit Messages Robin is seen as a tomboy where she enjoys drinking scotch, playing hockey, and guns as she was raised as a boy Barney is considered as a womanizer or simply a “ladies’ man” as he does not settle for a committed relationship. Ted is a hopeless romantic where he wants to settle into a successful relationship with a wife and kids. Every woman he meets, he believes that she is “the one.” As we know... As we know... As we know... http://tv-series.me/how-i-met-your-mother-season-4-episode-6-happily-ever-after/ Marshall & Lily Teenagers Effects on Socialization Explicit Implicit She is often portrayed as an independent individual who does not look for love nor does she want to have children Stereotypes As a Canadian, Robin often says, “eh” and she does not want to pursue a committed relationship or become a mother like a typical female. Explicit Barney is living a life of sexual promiscuity and the show implies that the only acceptable way of living is through a committed relationship. Implicit Barney represents a man who desires for sexual intents but does not want to resolve in a dedicated relationship. Stereotypes Explicit His character portrays the stereotype of a woman’s approach to dating. Implicit His character is the opposite of men’s stereotypes where he is not confident of his own love life. Stereotypes How the show relates How the show relates How the show relates 11:50 secs "Destined Couple" Hierarchy of needs
Sense of love & belonging needed
Self-actualization Ted, Robin, Marshall & Lily want to achieve the best for themselves
All characters need love; are in relationships Everyone needs to find their purpose of life
Otherwise they may fall into depression
Still manages to have inborn inclination to live As we know... Media is a secondary agent of socialization
Has the ability to shape minds
Blamed for negatively influencing Very intimate scenes & language shown
Takes place largely at a bar
Encourages good friendship, hope, forgiveness
Promotes sense of humor
Breaks stereotypes using character personalities
Negative impact on children (too young) Long Story Short The show follows the social & romantic lives of five friends. It is based on one of the characters who talks to his children about how he met their mother. However it is mostly based on the experiences he shared with his friends Ted always feels the right women will come, but often loses hope
Finds a way out of it Thank You :) Created the psychoanalytic theory
Suggested the concept of defense mechanisms
Id, superego, ego
Methods emphasized understanding of parent-child relationship
All characters are somewhat affected by their childhood experiences
Use defense mechanisms to deal with issues
Id vs. Superego (Marshall, Lily, Ted)
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