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First Day - Precal

Rules and procedures and things for Ms Calvin's class

Erin Calvin

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of First Day - Precal

#3. Be successful!
Ms Calvin's Class
An Introduction
Where is a place you went this summer?
the part of the day where i ask random questions and you answer them on your dry erase boards.
What is your favorite restaurant or type of food?
What are some extracurricular activities you enjoy?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
So, I'm Ms. Calvin.
#1. Come to class prepared...
#2. Be respectful!
#4. Don't be afraid of questions. =)
The Rules.
Other Various Helpful Hints...
What TV shows or movies do you like to watch?
(and expectations and thoughts and whatnot)
Supplies needed:
1. Pencil (obvs)
2. Textbook
3. Calculator
3. Binder w/ paper
4. A good attitude =)
"Ms. Calvin,
Don't be a
Dishonesty isn't going to help you learn...
Tutoring Times:
Mornings: every day but Wednesday
Afternoons: Mon-Thurs until 4:30
(Longer afternoon sessions by appointment!)
Library Tutorial Hours: Wed/Thurs 4:15-6:15
Crucial Math
Question ANSWERED!
- Be sure to lay claim to your amazing
display of intelligence...
- Be smarter than the calculator.
Example: Target, Florida, The North Pole, etc.
doesn't have to
be school-related
(& why?)
Anybody have any
other questions?
Also, if you want on my good side, you should bring one or more of these things:
- kleenex or hand sanitizer (germs=ew)
- graph paper or copy paper or notebook paper
(i.e. some kind of paper)
- dry erase markers
Class Procedures!
Precal Grading Procedures & Stuff:
Homework - 20%
Unit Quizzes - 10%
Major Quizzes - 20%
Major Test 1 - 20%
Major Test 2 - 30%
When I grade homework, I usually pick 3 to 5 questions from the assignment and grade those, with a small percentage being based on completion & showing work.

Homework is worth 10% of the six weeks grade.
Before each major exam, we will have an in-class major quiz, covering the topics of the current unit.
Students will be allowed to work with a partner, as this allows students an opportunity to learn from one another.
This is also an opportunity to get a preview of the types of problems they will see on the test.

Major quizzes count for 20% of each 6 weeks grade.
Major tests count for 50% of the final six weeks grade!
Test reviews are handed out the class day before each test. These will help students prepare for the test. They are a homework grade & are due before the test is taken.
*It is a departmental policy that major tests may NOT be taken home. Graded tests may be reviewed in class, or before/after school.
what are we doing today?"
What is Precal anyway??
Precal is a combination of advanced Algebra 2 and Trigonometry!!

(It's also TONS of fun! Yay!)
What is Algebra 2 all about?
In Algebra 2, we go further into concepts learned in Algebra 1 and Geometry.
A big part of Algebra 2 is the study of a bunch of different types of functions.

Algebra 2 Grading Procedures & Stuff:
Homework - 20%
Quizzes - 20%
Projects - 10%
Major Test 1 - 20%
Major Test 2 - 20%
Homework is graded using the following procedures:
- I pick 3 to 5 problems (randomly) and grade those
- A small percentage will be based on completion & showing work

Homework is assigned each class day and is worth 20% of your six weeks grade!
There will be 1 to 2 major quizzes per unit (usually 3 per six weeks). Major quizzes are designed to check your progress and understanding during the unit.
Quizzes are GREAT sources of study for major tests, as similar types of questions appear on both!

Quizzes are worth 20% of your final six weeks grade!
Each six weeks, there will be 2 tests.
The first test will cover material from the first unit.
The second test will cover material from both units.
This is why the 1st test is 20% and the second test is 30% of your final six weeks grade.

*It is department policy that major tests are not permitted to be taken home. Students are welcome (and encouraged!) to review tests during class, or before/after school.
Each six weeks, we'll have one project.
This may be an individual project or a group project.
This project will be worth 10% of your final six weeks grade!
Retake Policy!
1. Homework may be turned in late up until the day
of the unit test (max grade of 70).
2. If a student fails the first test of any six weeks, the 2nd test acts as a retake.
3. Students may retake the 2nd test of any six weeks
(max grade of 70). To be eligible for a retest:
- Complete the review (all work must be shown)
- Attend at least one tutorial session to go over
failed test
- have all unit HW completed
Retest must be scheduled within at least
of when the grade is posted on Home Access!
*Note - homework calendars are ALSO the answer to the question
"I was absent last class, what did I miss?"
"Oh no! We have a test today?!?"
Has this ever happened to you? Well, NO MORE!
Your class code is ... mscalvin# (the # is your class period - so if you're in 1st period, your code would be "mscalvin1")
To get text message reminders, text @code to the phone number
(512) 746-1556
To get email reminders, send any message to the email address
Remind 101
I've taught at McNeil for 6 years.
I graduated from McCallum High school in 2002
and from Baylor University in 2006.
I love to read , and listen to music .
I also love to travel!
If only it didn't cost
so much money!
I also have a teacher website
with lots of awesome stuff on it:
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