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Porridge and Potatoes presents results of the mämmi-tasting event.

Niina a-f

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Mämmi!

Home-made HoviRuoka Elinan kotileipomo (gluten-free) Suloiset (gluten-free) Kymppi
Luomu (organic) HoviRuoka Imelletty (naturally sweetened) Saarioinen "Finnish Easter Porridge" ...made of water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, (...) dark molasses, salt, and dried powdered Seville orange zest.

The mixture is then allowed to go through a slow natural sweetening process before being baked in an oven until set.

Preparation takes many hours, and after baking the mämmi is stored chilled for three to four days before being ready to eat. (Wikipedia) " Food
by The Big Mämmi Test Making rye malt

Sharing recipe, tips and personal stories

Cooking mämmi

Surveying people's relationship
to mämmi

Testing different mämmis Almost everyone eats it.
But not everyone
loves it. 100 respondent
70% women Interesting! Photos, Text + Prezi: Niina Ala-Fossi, Ferenc Vilisics What we did: :-) Home made? Fine smell; Chocolate
look; Good texture; Sweet taste;
Well balanced; Delicious; Melts
in your mouth :-) Good appearance; Rye-like smell; Good texture;
Quite good; Nice malty taste; Quite complex taste:
starts sweet/citrusy with rye in the aftertaste,

:-):-( Dark colour; Mild taste, not salty; Neutral taste;
Not so sweet; Organic? Average thing?

:-( Too dark, bad aftertaste; Industrial stuff; Not the
best; Tasteless; Dry; Factory made? :-) Nice golden
colour; No "skin"
on top; Chocolate
or toffee-look;
Spicy; Aromatic; Sweet

:-):-( Light colour; Soft texture; Grainy; Spicy; Salty;
Aromatic; Sweet and bitter; Same as No.3; Home-made?

:-( Bad unusual smell; Too light; Too liquid; Not very
pleasant; Slimy; Doesn’t look good; Strange taste,
Domestos; Not much rye; Strange spices? :-) Texture very good; Mild caramel
taste; Quite fruity; Delicious

:-):-( Jelly-like; Aromatic; Sour smelly;
Light; Greasy; Loose; Smooth;
Different; Less heavy; Very sweet;

:-( Weird texture; Looks bad; A bit too
sweet; Watery; No malt; Bad strange
taste; Strange spices?; Unusual
ingredients - carrot or other
veggies? Not a mämmi :-) Good rye smell;
Quite good; Nice
dark, Shiny;
Fruity, Fresh

:-):-( Fine grained; Smells like
bread; Strong rye taste;
Medium sweet; Not sweet; Not so bad; Average

:-( Too dark; Burnt, too much caramel;
Very bad - salty; Not good; Sour
taste; Bitter aftertaste :-) Nice colour and smell; Good appearance;
No "skin"; Good grainy texture, Fairly
good rye, Really good!

:-):-( Mild malt smell; Loose; Soft; Grainy;
strong malt taste; Bland but O.K, Not
sweet; Bitter; Average thing?

:-( Tasteless; Factory made :-) Chocolate look; Nice colour, not burnt; Best
appearance; Well balanced; Solid; Best taste; Sugar
content is just right; Very good!

:-):-( Quite aromatic; Not too loose; Not too solid; Spicy;
Gritty; Tasty in a mild way; Normal; Sweet; Home-made?

:-( Industrial; Watery taste; A bit tasteless Avg. score: 5.7, 5.2 Avg. score: 6.1,
5.2 Avg. score: 3.73, 4.44 Avg. score: 4.1 Avg.
4.1 Avg. score: 5.1 Avg.
7.6 Anatomy of mämmi Occasional crust ("skin") on top Creamy, but not loose texture Consume it plain, or with milk, sugar, cream, ice cream, or a combination of these. (there's not much to say...) [mæmmi] Mämmi is tradition The ultimate Easter dessert in Finland.

In the old times mämmi was kept in a birch bark container (tuokkonen). (Photo: Finnish Agricultural Museum) Today, mass product packages mimic the old design. (Photo: helran.fr) Probably no other traditional food divides opinions as much as mämmi does. THE BASICS Mämmi Studies Surveys Cooking mämmi at home, and sharing the recipe "After two days the room was filled with "stench of mice poo" and some dark fungal infection was apparent, too." http://pap-tasters.blogspot.fi/2013/03/how-to-tame-your-mammi.html by Porridge and Potatoes Practically nobody cooks it at home, as it takes 10-12 hours. Discovering the
difficulties of home-made
malt and mämmi Photo: Ildikó Varga http://pap-tasters.blogspot.fi/2013/03/mammi-recipe.html Read more on the blog: "How to tame your mämmi?" Read more on the blog: "Stories of Dark Matter: Recipe for losing and against" http://pap-tasters.blogspot.fi/2013/03/stories-of-dark-matter-recipe-for.html Read more on the blog:
"Mämmi recipe" Mämmi tasting Randomized blind test:
the tasters didn´t know which mämmi they were tasting. " Tasters formed a homogene group:
70% had little experience with mämmi. Image: www.slodive.com 3 products were blind-tested twice to see whether judgement is biased by product order? (failed miserably...) (The least favourite
product) CONCLUSIONS What comes to your mind
when you see mämmi? Pre-test questions Word cloud: Font size is determined by its incidence in taster's answers. Almost everyone knew what mämmi is made of. In general, light colours were aversive light dark same product blöe mass products The scores (average of total = 5.2) showed that mämmi wasn't the taster's favorite, generally speaking;

Regular mass products (+ added sugar!) got the highest points (average of total = 6.6);

Organic, naturally sweetened and gluten-free mämmis were on the bottom.

More sweetness = More likes More sweetness=
more likes! P.a.P Word cloud: the most common 70 words of mämmi evaluation More darkness= more likes! METHODS Take home message More solid=
more likes! (The favourite product!) Free evaluation and Scoring
(1 = Bad; 10 = Excellent) P.a.P Porridge and Potatoes Porridge and Potatoes Food studies by Porridge and Potatoes
Niina Ala-Fossi, Ferenc Vilisics,
Ildikó Varga, Péter Poczai Contact: porridgeandpotatoes@googlegroups.com

Blog: www.pap-tasters.blogspot.com

Find us on Facebook for updates! ("Porridge and Potatoes")

Many thanks to the volunteer tasters: Ambrus, Ildikó, Irma, Maarja, Maire, Marko, Neil, Nenad, Péter, Sanna + the little entertainers Freija and Friida! :-):-( Brownish-gold; Loose; Quite low viscosity; Slightly acidic; Not
too sweet; Mild taste; Strong malt; No. 8 is the same as No.1?

:-( "Plastic"; sour aftertaste, tasteless, dry surface - watery
inside; Too much fluid?; Strong caramel taste; Watery taste;
Too light colour; Bad appearance; Too liquid; Too granular RESULTS The more it looks and tastes like a mass product it´s better? Under focus: Mämmi Mämmi tasting
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