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Dogs are the best pets!

No description

Minori Bertha K

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Dogs are the best pets!

Dogs Information
More facts
8 reasons why dogs are the best
A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept as a pet or for work or field sports or a family pet.

Life Span:10 - 13 years. That makes dogs even more loyal.
Dog's scientific name:Canis lupus familiaris wow can you remember that?
Higher classification: Gray wolf Cool! Image for wolf is strong, right? Then dogs has to be strong too!
Daily sleep: 10 houres! well cats sleep for 12 - 16 houres! That is too long!
And for the cats lovers, we researched for you.
Cat's scientific name:Felis catus

By Bao Linh and Minori
Dogs are the best pets!
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