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Project Implementation and management

No description

Al-moshey Tidal

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Project Implementation and management

Project Implementation

Lad Labrada

This session covers the aspects of project implementation and management from activation onwards, including factors that affect project implementation.

Introduction to Project Implementation
Project Activation
Project Operation
Approaches to Project Implementation
Project Implementation Plan
Factors Affecting Project Implementation
Project Management Defined

Project Implementation (Cont.)
Implementation usually done by implementing agency (organization) that prepared the project and received funding for it.

Other organizations that participate in the implementation of the project

by way of collaboration, say by according good working relationship, extending technical advice or seconding their staff to the project are referred to as co-operating agencies
Project Implementation
Process whereby “project inputs are converted to project outputs”. May be looked at as:

Putting in action the activities of the project.
Putting into practice what was proposed in the project document (i.e. transforming the project proposal into the actual project.)
Management of the project or executing the project intentions.

Project Implementation phase involves:
Project activation, and
Project operation

Project activation
This means making arrangements to have the project started. It involves coordination and allocation of resources to make project operational.
Project operation
This is practical management of a project. Here, project inputs are transformed into outputs to achieve immediate objectives.

Project operation and maintenance
Operation and maintenance

To attain value and maximum returns, the district/municipality or the beneficiaries organize for the facility to have the project properly managed and maintained regularly.
An operation and maintenance manual is prepared by the contractor and handed to the district / beneficiaries.

Approaches to project implementation
Top-down approach
Implementation mainly done by agencies from outside the community with limited involvement by the beneficiaries.
Bottom-up approach
Beneficiaries implement the project. Outside agencies may provide the financial resources and technical assistance.
Collaborative participatory approach
Both top-down and bottom-up approaches to project implementation are applied in the process.

Project implementation plan (PIP)
If PIP not carried out during the project design process and embodied in the project documents, it is carried out at the project activation stage.

Project implementation plan includes:
a) The project implementation schedule

This is concerned with:

What activities can produce expected project outputs?
What is the sequence of these activities?
What is the time frame for these activities?
Who will be responsible for carrying out each activity?

Project implementation plan includes:
The following methods may be used to answer the above questions:

Gantt chart
Critical Path Method (CPM) or Net work analysis
Project Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT)
Simple formats
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