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How Forensics Solved the Case - The Night Stalker.

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Tyler Gooden

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of How Forensics Solved the Case - The Night Stalker.

How Forensics Solved the Case - The Night Stalker.
Richard Ramirez was an American serial killer, convicted of 13 murders in California from 1984 and 1985. He was also charged with rape,sodomy,oral copulation, burglary as well as attempted murder. (Deutsch, Thompson)
At the age of eighteen Richard bought a master set of keys to Toyota and Honda cars. With these keys he stole a car nightly. Once he was proficient at this he began to rob houses and eventually assault women. (Grise)
Ramirez M.O
Once Ramirez found the perfect house to break into, darkened with no streetlights, he would park his stolen car and proceed into the house. While the occupants slept during the night, Ramirez would unlock a door or go through a window. If there were any men in the house he would shoot them directly in the temple. The loud gun shot of course woke up the women which he would proceed to tie up. If there were any children in the house they would be forced to watch. If the women were not to much to handle Ramirez would rob them and leave but if they were to much he would escalate. (Grise)
Richard Ramirez
Birth Date: February 28,1960
Death Date: June 7, 2013
Place of birth: El Paso, Texas
Place of death: Greenbrae, California
Nickname: "Night Stalker"

The Early Years
Timeline of Victims
28 June 1984: Jennie Vincow - raped and murdered
17 March 1985: Maria Hernandez - attempted murder
17 March 1985: Dayle Okasaki - murdered
17 March 1985: Tsai Lian Yu- murdered
27 March 1985: Vincent Zazzara - murdered
27 March 1985: Maxine Zazzara - murdered
14 April 1985: William Doi - murdered
14 April 1985: Lillie Doi - attempted murder
30 May 1985: Carol Kyle - raped
Continued ...
27 June 1985: Patty Elaine Higgins - murdered
2 July 1985: Mary Louise Cannon - murdered
5 July 1985: Whitney Bennet - attempted murder
7 July 1985: Joyce Lucille Nelson - murdered
7 July 1985: Sophie Dickman - raped
20 July 1985: Max Kneiding - murdered
20 July 1985: Leila Kneiding - murdered
20 July 1985: Chainarong Khovananth - murdered
20 July 1985: Somkid Khovananth - raped
5 August 1985: Christopher Peterson - attempted murder
9 August 1985: Elyas Abowath - murdered
9 August 1985: Sakina Abowath - raped
17 August 1985: Barbara Pan - raped
17 August 1985: Peter Pan - murdered
24 August 1985: William Carns - attempted murder
24 August 1985: Inez Erickson - raped
The Arrest
Richard Ramirez was arrested on August 29, 1985 and the trial started on July 22, 1988
(Crime and Investigation)
(Crime and Investigation)
(Crime and Investigation)

How Forensics Solved the Case
Richard Ramirez was caught by a group of civilians who figured out who he was while he was attempting to steal a car. To accomplish this Ramirez tried to pull a women out of the vehicle. This case was one of the first ones that used automated fingerprinting technology. Today this database gives "likely" matches and a trained fingerprint examiner must compare them to find an actual match. (Crime and Investigation)
The Development of Ramirez
* Born February 28,1960
* Older cousin, Mike, returned from the Vietnam war bringing back with him stories as well as photography depicting how he tortured and mutilated Vietnamese women.
*The teenage years of Ramirez came with many petty crimes in order to fuel his drug addiction.
*Cousin Mike murders his wife in front of Ramirez.
*Car theft in 1983 resulted in jail time.
*Killing spree from June 28,1984 - August 17, 1985.
*Final murder on August 24, 1985.
*August 28, 1985 identification of stolen car complete with his fingerprints inside.
* Media & witnesses & survivors led to his capture the next day.
(Bio A&E)
Audio from Ramirez Trial
Case Photos

- Ramirez left finger prints in the car that he stole. We know that they more than likely used one of the methods such as: Cyanoacrylate or Ninhydrin to lift the prints. From here, they were able to run through the system (IAFIS) to find a likely match. From there a specialist in the lab looked at the finger prints for confirmation.
- Another thing they could have done forensically was test the ropes and things that Ramirez used to tie up the various women. From this they might be able to find DNA, blood or hairs.
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Photos were found at http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/07/serial-killer-richard-ramirez-dies-in-california-prison-corrections-officials/
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