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Computer Virus

No description

Tyler redden

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Computer Virus

Tyler Redden
Logan Clark Computer Virus A virus is a program that enters the computer without the user knowing. Some virus could just send you a little pop up message saying there is a virus on this computer. Other virus can erase the whole memory of the computer (Dictionary.com). Some files on your computer can be setup to delete or damage your documents on your computer. Viruses can make your computer run really slow and even lock it up while you are using it (Virus Basics). What is a Virus? Are Viruses Harmful? Top 5 Computer Viruses Video How does a Virus Work? A Computer Virus can get on your computer through emails that people will send out and get you to click on them and when you do, it spreads all over the computer. Some software programs that you try to download to the computer can be viral and when you click run, the virus will load to the computer and delete files, and pictures, and mess your hard drive up (BullGuard ). Why do people use viruses? People use viruses for many different reasons. Some use it to make money by scamming people into buying things. Some people do it for fun because they think they are in control of someone else’s computer. Other people do it for revenge to get back at a former employer or somebody that angered or bothered them (Yellets). What virus threats should you be aware of? A type of threat you should be aware of the is the ILOVEYOU virus. The ILOVEYOU virus is sent through emails and it's made to look like it was from a secret admirer sending someone an I love you message. When someone opened this email, the virus would copy itself to the owners computer and replace files and copy itself to the registry key (Strickland). Another type is the Melissa virus. David L. Smith created this virus in 1999. This virus was sent through emails to members of the United States Government. The subjects would be messages like, “here’s the document you asked for”, and as soon as it was open, it would copy itself and be sent to the first 50 people in that persons address book. This was one of the first viruses to get the public’s attention (Strickland). Another is called the Klez Virus. The Klez Virus was also sent through email and would copy itself and be sent to other people once that person opened it. The Klez Virus would even disable virus stopping software programs (Strickland). All of these threats are current today. How do you keep from getting a Virus or how do you remove a virus. Some ways to prevent viruses are using reliable anti-virus programs, back up all files periodically, install a firewall, and never open email/email attachments without scanning them first. Some anti-virus programs can help to remove viruses as well (Reviews). Quiz 1. What is a Virus?
A. a computer
B. program that harms your computer without the owner knowing
C. an iPhone app

2. Why do people use viruses?
A. They are mad at a former employer and want revenge
B. For Fun
C. Scamming people to make money
D. All of the Above
3. What can a virus to do harm a computer?
A. Viruses can make your computer run really slow and even lock it up while you are using it
B. Make the computer blue screen
C.The heat sink locks up
D. None Works Cited Works Cited

Reviews, Top Choice. 11 ways to prevent computer viruses. 2009. http://antivirus-software.topchoicereviews.com/11-ways-prevent-computer-viruses_258.html. 7 February 2013.

Strickland, Johnathan. 10 Worst computer viruses of all time. ND. 2013. 7 February 2013.

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BullGuard . Nd. http://www.bullguard.com/bullguard-security-center/pc-security/computer-threats/how-does-a-virus-work.aspx. 11 February 2013.
Dictionary.com. computer Virus. 2013. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/computer+virus?s=t. 7 feb 2013.

Virus Basics. ND. http://www.us-cert.gov/reading_room/virus.html#what. 7 february 2013. Answer Key

1. What is a Virus
B. program that harms your computer without the owner knowing

2. Why do people use viruses?
D. All of the Above

3. What can a virus to do harm a computer?

A. Viruses can make your computer run really slow and even lock it up while you are using it How to Remove a Computer Virus Video
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