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Xin Wang

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Whiskey&Whisky

Canadian Whisky
Also named Rye
Lightbodied- lighter and smoother than other whisky styles
Delicate flavour
Blend of various grain-Made of corn or wheat and supplemented with rye, barley, or barley mal
Aged in used oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years, although most are aged for 4-6 years.
Procedures of maturing

The word
comes from the Celtic words which means “water of life”. The English found it too difficult and too long, so they shortened it to whisky. The Canadians and the Scottish use the same spelling, without the e; the Irish keep the e. The U.S. used to use the e, but now omits it
First Bourbon whiskey was distilled in 1783
Must be made in America
Must be made from a grain mixture which is at least 51% corn.
Different method of mashing. The fermentation process for this mixture is often started by mixing in some mash from an older already fermenting batch, a process known as sour mash.
Lower proofs at which they are distilled out
Sweeter and fuller bodied than Scotch and Irish
Reach maturity sooner
The spirit must be distilled to no more than 80% alcohol (160 proof)
Barrel entry is no more than 62.5% alcohol (125 proof)
Must be stored in new charred oak barrels.
No minimum aging period, but to call your product Straight Bourbon it must be aged for no less than two years (and can have no added coloring, flavor or other spirits added).

Famous brand:
Jack Daniel
Jim Beam
Maker’ s Mark
Smooth whiskey with medium body and a clean, unique flavor- a similar barely- malt whisky character without the smoky flavor
distilled from a fermented mash of grains
Use unmalt barley as well as malt barley
The malted barley is dried in enclosed kilns, not over peat fires
Distilled in the pot still to an ABV of less than 94.8.
Triple distill- a third pot still is used to obtain the final whiskey from the distillation of the strong feint.
Must be aged in seasoned cooperage for at least four years, but usually they are aged seven to eight
Famous brand:
John Jameson
Tullamore Dew

Differences between
single malt and blended scotch
- Single malt
a Scotch whisky produced from only water and malted barley at a single distillery by batch distillation in pot stills
- Blended Scotch
a blend of one or more single malt Scotch whiskies with one or more single grain Scotch whiskies
20%-50% malt whisky, the balance being grain whisky
Patent still
How to serve?
A straight drink
On the rocks
Used in cocktails, punches, and other mixed drinks
Popular in long drinks, such as highballs and coolers

Rob Roy
1 1/2 oz. Scotch whisky
3/4 oz. sweet vermouth

Irish coffee
1.5oz. Irish Whisky
Hot coffee
Sugar to taste
Canadian Breeze
1 1/2 oz. whisky( Canadian)
1 tsp. pineapple juice
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsps. Maraschino Liquer
Mint Julep
4 sprigs mint
1 tsp. superfine sugar( or simple syrup)
2 tsps. water
2 1/2 oz. whiskey( Bourbon )

Famous cocktails

 Canadian Club
 Alberta
 Crown Royal

Famous brand

Name: Cynthia, Teresa
Course: FBSR 1016
Date: Jan 30th, 2014
Professor: Kim Garron
Canadian Whiskey, Irish Whiskey
Scotch & Bourbon

 Johnnie Walker
 Dalmore
 Macallan
 Talisker
 Springbank
 Black Bull
 Old Pulteney
 Bowmore
 Highland Park
 Glenlivet

Must be made in Scotland.
4 places produce malt whisky: the Highlands, the Lowlands, Campbeltown, and Islay. Each produces a whisky with an individual character.
Most made from malted barley
Smell: Smoky peat flavor
At the time of barreling, the whisky is reduced in proof to 124 to 126.8 by the addition of water.
Before 1853, Scotch whisky were either straight malt or straight grain. However, at that time, the firm of Andrew Usher Company began to practice of blending malt whisky with grain whisky.
2 basic types of Scotch whisky: straight whiskey (straigh malt and straight grain)and blended whisky(blended malt, blended grains and blended scotch)

Famous Brands
Johnnie Walker
Officer's Choice
McDowell’s No.1
Royal Stag
Old Tavern
Original Choice
Jack Daniel’s
Imperial Blue
A product of Pernod Ricard in Dumbarton, Scotland, Ballantine’s is the second highest selling Scotch whiskey in the world.
A product of Pernod Ricard again, Imperial Blue is an Indian whiskey brand that has made its place in the top ten whiskey brands in the word according to mass sales volume worldwide.
The highest selling American whiskey in the world, Jack Daniel’s is the manufacture of Brown-Forman.
Another Indian brand in the world’s bestselling spirits, Original Choice brand is by John Distilleries.
The bottles are packed in American Oak caskets, and the consumer enjoys a very smooth and subtle taste.
The best selling whiskey in the world, Johnnie Walker is a scotch whiskey, manufactured by Diageo.
It is sold in almost ever country of the world with variants that seem endless. The standard blends are Black Label, Red Label Gold Label, Platinum Label.
Rated as the largest selling whiskey brand in India, and the largest selling Indian spirit in the world.
A favorite of over 16.1 million whiskey drinkers all over the world
With a sales over 12.5million cases, Royal Stag is an Indian brand, produced by the producers of whiskeys like Imperial Blue and Ballantine’s, the Pernod Ricard.
A child of Vijay Mallaya’s ‘United Spirits’, this is a fairly low profile brand of whiskey in comparison to the others.
It is exported to more than 10 countries
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Top 10 Whisk(e)y Market
2. USA
3. UK
4. Brazil
5. Spain
6. Russia
7. Mexico
8. South Africa
9. Thailand
10. India

1. France
7.South Korea
8.South Africa
1. France
2. USA
3. UK
4. Spain
5. Brazil
6. Russia
7. Thailand
8. Mexico
9. South Africa
10. South Korea
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