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Maya Hamilton

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

California is one
of the 50 states
in America
To fly from London to California it takes 10-11 hours
On the coast, average yearly temperatures range between 4.4°C ,21.1°C and 26.7°C.

california is a
state in america
The famous Hollywood sign is there
California is the 3rd largest state in area and the largest state in population.
California has the largest population of Native Americans, more than any other state.
Prior to the Gold Rush, California had more Native Americans than all the other states combined. Once the Gold Rush years occurred, many different kinds of people migrated to the West Coast.
California has one of the largest Chinese communities outside Asia in the entire world (San Francisco).
The Los Angeles area has more people of Mexican ancestry than any other urban area in the world, outside of Mexico.

California has the largest Armenian population outside Armenia (Glendale).
California is the largest producer of goods of all the states and the largest agricultural state in the Union.
The California redwood is a prehistoric tree. All trees are descended from the redwood. The coastal climate protected them from the great ice sheets during previous ice ages
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