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Soul Eater


Emma Ipsen

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Soul Eater

Soul Eater
A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.

~Maka Albarn

In a reaper school founded by Lord Death himself where the students are living Weapons and Meisters, the students of the DWMA hunt down evil demons known as Kishins. Used to each time being successful, the revival of the seemingly dead Kishin, Asura, comes as a total shock to Death and the students. With the whole world in complete peril, can the students of the academy save Death City? Or will they fall beneath the tight clutches of Kishin Ausra himself?
Soul Eater Evans
Seemingly nonchalant, Soul Eater is actually a very caring Death Scythe in training. He cares much more than his collected demeanor portrays, and would die for any one of his friends. He has a strange way of showing he cares, and ends up basically embarrassing himself in the end. At a mission in Italy, Soul and his Meister, Maka, had a run-in with a former protaganist, Crona. Crona's sword, Ragnarok, is basically oozing a chemical/weapon, black blood. When Crona runs the sword on Soul, the blood infects his body. He is luckily able to survive, though the blood contains madness. He ends up infecting his Meister as well, and they both become half-insane.
Maka Albarn
Determined to become stronger, Maka is a very confident and caring girl. She is considered one of the smartest students in the DWMA. Her fighting skills as a Scythe Meister are amazing, though she is also part Weapon from her Death Scythe father, Spirit. Maka may be a very kind and compassionate person, but she isn't somebody to mess with. She channels her anger through angrily bringing down a book on the agitator's head, which she identifies as the "Maka-Chop!" Maka's relationship with her Scythe, Soul Eater, is that of which some may even define as romantic. He would die for her, and she would do the same for him any day.
Cocky and obnoxious, Black Star is a very self-obsessive ninja assasin. He is a desendent of the hated Star Clan, earning complete disrespect in some areas. His life-long goal is to surpass God, believing that he is the ultimate being. Black Star tends to compliment himself at random moments, or before, after, or during a fight. Black Star is the Meister of the Shadow Weapon, Tsubaki. He is definitely much more caring around her, most likely because of the praise and her belief for Black Star. Black Star seems ignorant to the fact that he is only human, and a teenager as well. He refuses to accept defeat and will not relent until he himself believes that he has won.
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
Incredibly kind and patient, Tsubaki is a Shadow Weapon with amazing abilities. Being a Shadow Weapon means that she can take shape of any Scythe her Meister, Black Star, desires. Tsubaki is a very empathetic and loving young woman, but she also pushes Black Star to be the best assasin there is. The way she is quick tempered when he is acting like an idiot is considered a total blow to her sweet demeanor, but Black Star benefits from her encouragement. On one mission that Lord Death gave the Weapon-Meister pair, Tsubaki discovers, to her horror, that her beloved brother became a Kishin Egg. As he was running about town, killing others, Tsubaki had no choice but to defeat him herself. That particular bitter-sweet victory resulted in Tsubaki obtaining Enchanted Sword Mode.
Death the Kid
Created from Lord Death's soul, Death the Kid is a symmetry-obsessed Shinigami. Kid's OCD is a total blow to his calm, collected, and cool-headed nature. If he were ever to see something symmetrical during a brawl, he would stop right where he is to admire the quality he loves. Kid is a very brave young man, seeming almost fearless. He also tends to appear to be care-free, but he really isn't. He cares for his twin pistol-scythes, Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. He rescued them from the streets of the City and gave them a home, a Meister, and a spot in the DWMA. As Kid is almost a full-fledged Shinigami, his enrollment at the school was uneccessary. But, after promising to capture twice the required amount of souls, his father allowed him to be a student at the DWMA.
Elizabeth Thompson
The older sister of the two Thompson girls, Liz is the girly Scythe of Death the Kid. Liz looks out for her Meister, despite being prone to getting very irritated at his OCD attacks. She can be very cowardly and scared of everything, unable to accept her younger sister's praise, and claiming that she is too scared to enter dark places. Liz seems to be very cool-headed when not facing danger, and is open to any student at all. Though she freezes up during a brawl, she always pulls through and successfully completes the mission, so as not to dissapoint Kid.
Patricia Thompson
Patty Thompson is known to be childish and dumb, though she seems to act that way because she wants to. Her ignorance and will to have fun, even on the most dangerous of missions, completely drowns out any fear she seems to have. Her praise for her older sister seems to be unconditional, and she looks up to her completely. Liz and Patty were both found on the streets by Death the Kid, their Meister. At first, they took advantage of his hospitality and didn't seem to really care for him at all. But soon, they realized just how lucky they truly were and began to appreciate their Meister.
Crona and Ragnarok
Dr. Stein
Just on the brink of insanity, Professor Fraken Stein is the teacher of the Cresent Moon Class. (the class all of the main students previously mentioned) He is the strongest Meister to have ever graduated from the school, and even created a full Death Scythe. He prides himself on dissecting living beings, and has even experiemented on himself (reslulting on the scars and giant screw in his head) Stein eventually goes completely insane, losing himself in his own soul and almost taking the "wrong path". He is saved by a Death Scythe, Marie Mjolner, and returns to his teaching career.
The Death Scythes
Despite the fact that he is the God of Death, Death has a great sense of humor and is very optimistic. Death is the father of Kid, having creating him from his soul. His relationship with his son is very strained and formal rather than father-son like. Death may seem to be really kind and open, when he actually keeps a great deal from his students and staff. He only tells his secrets to his trusted Death Scythes and relies on them to solve problems, when the students actually end up being the ones to save the day. Death is defeated by the Kishin, and killed momentarily, as Maka and her friends battle him. By the time he wakes up, everything is over.
Kishin Asura
The main source of madness in this world is none other than Kishin Asura, a former friend of Lord Death. Asura is so consumed in madness and insanity that he has never felt the emotion of fear since his revival. Asura's blindness to the fact that fear helps people to grow stronger ends up being his greatest weakness. Asura becomes a supposed aliance with the force, Arachne. His true intentions are to kill the leader, Lady Arachne, who is a very skilled witch. He does end up eating her soul, which ends the entire force. Asura then proceeds to the academy to await his rule of the world. Will Maka and the others pull through?
Black Star
Crona: Crona is the very timid and soft-hearted Meister of the Demon Sword, Ragnarok. The sword was fused with his blood and is a part of his body. Crona is the son of Medusa, who mistreated him as a child. She forces him to go to the DWMA because of her plans to overthrow Lord Death. He doesn't want to betray his friends, but is forced to. In the end, he chooses the right side and becomes a student of the DWMA.
Ragnarok: Ragnarok is the pushy, over bearing Weapon of Crona. While Crona is quiet and afraid, Ragnarok is loud and cranky. He pushes Crona around and treats him rudely, though he really does care for his Meister (no matter how much he denies it) Ragnarok was injected into Crona's body and is now his hardened, insane black blood.
The loyal Scythes of Lord Death, the Death Scythes are adult graduates of the DWMA. There is Spirit Albarn, Marie Mjolner, Justin Law, and Azusa. They all have their own special abilities.
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