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Thomas Adams- the mastermind behind chewing gum

No description

Ryli Craver

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Adams- the mastermind behind chewing gum

Thomas Adams- the mastermind behind chewing gum by Ryli West
do you know much about Thomas Adams? well he is a very interesting dude. he is the creator of chewing gum. so why don"t we go inside that gum wrapper of facts.
Thomas was born in 1818 which was back in the old days. it is true to be that on the 10 of may he was baptized. we don"t know the year. his name was also his grandfathers, it was a common family name. i guess his childhood was a good one if you ask me.
teen years
Thomas had a harder teen hood. he had to work for his family, his family didn't have much money, so he never really did sports. he first sparked the idea of chewing gum in his teens, but he never did the idea until he was older and remembered. he was a very bad teen. he was a trouble maker.
adult years
Thomas was a glass maker, photographer, and inventor. sadly, his first child died but the second one survived. one day he was in a corner store, and a little girl asked for bubble gum. that is when he found out he was famous. his only great invention was in the1850's.
after years
I couldn't get much information on his after years, so i'm really sorry. but i got little information. first, he was put in a nursing home about 6 years after his fame strike. at that time he was still signing autographs. sounds like an interesting man.
so his life sounds fun, rebellious, and crazy, i mean if you are an inventor your life should be crazy. you have a lot of history when your life revolves around the invention you have created. one day, i want to invent something like Thomas Adams.
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