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Persuasive Project

No description

Kelsey Rogstad

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Project

Attendance Policies I am against school attendance
policies, especially our current one.They encourage, if not force, students to attend school even when reasons state otherwise. Students will take school
more seriously if they have
more of an incentive to
attend school.
Attendance policies will
encourage students to attend
Students who attend school
regularly will get better
grades. Opposition There is no scientific evedence that proves a student will take school more seriously with an attendance policy.
Whether an attendance policy is present or not if a student wants to skip school, they are going to skip. A policy is not going to change their mind.
A student can attend school everyday and not get as good of grades as someone who doesn't attend school regularly. It all depends on the student.
Attendance policies encourage students to attend school even when they are ill.
Policies also discourage students from participating in extra curricular activites. Even if the absences are school related after ten absences they count against you.
Attendance policies also state that if you are in a car accident your tardy or absence will still be counted against you.
If a family member or close friend is in the hospital or even passed away, a related absence is not excused.

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