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Supergeek - AJ

No description

Adrian Woolgar

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Supergeek - AJ

A fully portable gaming unit
No more messy HDMI or AV cables
No need to find room for your console or games
Get the full HD home experience anywhere, anytime!
Marketing Mix
The Four P's of the Marketing mix include: product, price, placement logistics & promotion.
Brand extension of Playstation
Only two main components
Sleek compact design
Ability to download movies and gaming content with high speeds direct to the console
Compatible to any smart television
Compatible with other PlayStation products (including remote controllers)
Bluetooth connectivity
WiFi speed of 802.11 b/g
Tribe profile analysis


Marketing Strategy
Positioning & differentiation

The End
Supergeek Profile
The Supergeek is a blend of a stereotypical dork and web/gamer geek. They immerse themselves in the most advanced technology possible including the latest gadgets, web/PC products, Apps, Sci-Fi and gaming devices. Supergeeks can be viewed as somewhat introverted and lack social skills. However, interestingly the worlds two biggest social networking platforms, Facebook and Twitter, were founded by people with a typical Supergeek profile. When it comes to fashion, the Supergeek "look" has had the most momentum, particularly in the last few years. Thick-rimmed glasses, buttoned high 80's polo shirts, high waisted pants and comb over hairstyles are in, and this look even has its own style name "Geek Chic".

Factors influencing consumer behaviour
Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal and psychological characteristics. This, along with a model of buyer behaviour is illustrated in the diagram below.

Forces in the Macro-environment
Forces in the macro-environment include demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural.
The main factors that influence our tribe are social & personal factors:

Groups and social networks - Relatives, co-workers & friends will have some influence of Supergeeks behaviour, however opinion leaders in the gaming world such as PewDiePie and Machinima will heavily influence the Supergeek gamer. Furthermore, opinion leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will also play an influencing role.
Roles and status - Supergeeks are generally in well paying tech jobs and are middle-upper class and therefore can afford more expensive products.

Age and life-cycle stage - The average age of a gamer is 32 with 75% of them being 18+.
Lifestyle - When it comes to a Supergeek gamers lifestyle, there are four types of gamers - power gamer, social gamer, leisure gamer and occasional gamer.
Factors influencing Supergeek behaviour
Actors in the Micro-environment
Actors in the micro-environment include the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and publics.
Macro-environmental forces on Supergeek behaviour
The macro-environmental forces that are likely to impact on our tribes behaviour are technological & economic forces:

In today's world, technology is ever changing and there are new technological advances being made every day. Supergeeks are up to date with all of the latest technologies and want new products that utilise this. With this in mind, we have created the most advanced gaming unit on the market. With Playstation already enjoying a strong and loyal customer base, this creates a competitive advantage for the PsFree as there are no other products of this kind on the market.

The typical Supergeek is part of the Gen-Y and the spending habits of Gen-Y were largely unaffected by the 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The Gen-Y Supergeeks are typically working in the technology industry and the wages in this field tend to be above average and not affected by market instability.
SWOT analysis
Already established world leading electronics brand/ unique product/ connectivity with existing Sony products/ competitive advantage/ strong distribution network.

New product uncertainty/ glitches/ start up bugs.

Few competitors/ increasing trends towards portable devices/ rapid technological advancements will allow expansion of this product and this new way of gaming.

Direct threats from our competitors such as Microsoft and Nintendo. Indirect threats include Apple and Samsung who may look to enter the gaming market.
Reference List
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Reference List cont.
Thank You
Supergeek gamers:
Adrian Woolgar - 17877060 (Social gamer)
Alin Elishaa - 17478612 (Power gamer)
Sabbu Khadka - 17864220 (Occasional gamer)
Silumesi Zuze - 17827645 (Leisure gamer)
Sony is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation based in Tokyo.
They're mission is to re-shape the perception of the world by introducing new technologies, content and services together in unprecedented ways.
o PS
o PS2
o PS3
o PS4
o PS Vita
o PS Portable
o PS Network
o PS Free.. coming soon..
Company Profile
Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning & differentiation
Before we can develop a Marketing Mix Strategy, we must first ask two questions: Which customers will we serve? and How will we serve them?

Segmentation: Divide the total market into smaller segments - geographical, demographic, psychographic and behavioural.

Targeting: Select the segment or segments to enter - undifferentiated (mass) marketing, differentiated (segmented) marketing, concentrated (niche) marketing, micromarketing (local or individual).
Positioning & differentiation: Decide which differences are good differences and decide a value proposition - more for more, more for the same, more for less, the same for less, less for much less.
Actual product:
Augmented product:
Customisable accessories - choose different colour casings
12 month manufacturers warranty
Product support - online through Playstation network or by phone through Playstation hotline
When setting prices for the first time with a new product, we can choose between two broad strategies: market-skimming pricing and market-penetration pricing.
Sony frequently uses the market-skimming strategy where they set initial prices high to 'skim' revenues layer by layer from the market. As our product is a new product, we have opted for this strategy.

Direct competitor pricing:
Xbox One - $599 RRP
Wii U - $449 RRP

PsFree launch price (includes console and projector):
Playstation Free - $899 RRP
Within 12 months of launch we will implement our product line pricing strategy and reduce all Playstation products.

Placement logistics
Product placement is all about location to ensure the product is accessible to our target market whilst maintaining the brands positioning. The PsFree will be placed in our current retail partner stores such as EB Games, Dick Smith, JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman and for the first time ever, online through our Playstation Store.
Promotion is not a single tool, but rather a mix of five tools under the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications - advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing. Outlined below is how we aim to communicate to our tribe, ensuring we effectively communicate our product through each of these touch points.

Advertising: TV, social media, gaming magazines, outdoor media campaign.

Sales promotion: 1) Purchase a PsFree and receive a 10% discount off all Sony products store wide. 2) Purchase a PsFree and go into the draw to win an ultimate gaming experience for you and a friend.

Personal selling: Face to face selling via our Sales Representatives and Territory Managers. We will also facilitate in-store product demonstrations to interact with our target market.

Public relations: Engage with opinion leaders such as PewDiePie and Machinima and have them spruik our product at large game shows such as E3.

Direct marketing: Currently most owners of Playstation products are signed up to the Playstation network. We can directly communicate with our target market through this channel.
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