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Shiseido in China

No description

YeahRim Lee

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Shiseido in China

China Demography Local Marketing Strategy Target segmentation Mode of Entry Result Marketing Mix China cosmetic market share (2009) Exporting Shiseido in China Thank you for listening!! Shiseido in China 12210272 Doye Lee
12211359 YeahRim Lee About Shiseido Established in 1872
Started from pharmaceutical company
The oldest cosmetic manufacturer in Japan
Major Japanese hair care and cosmetics producer
Sixth largest cosmetics company in the world Business Overview Domestic cosmetics business 51.8% Global business
46.9% Global Operation Country of Origin CSA FSA Japan Reliability of Quality Strong Brand Equity Long History The oldest cosmetic manufacture in Japan Rich Marketing Experience
and Know-how Leader of Asian
cosmetic corporations Original technology
about ingredients Economy Consumer
Behavior Trend Population : 1.4 billion GDP per capita : $8,394
Emerging market Conservative to new brands,
TV commercial is the
most effective medium Economic growth slowed slightly,
Cosmetics market continued to
grow faster than GDP Joint Venture Strategic Alliance With Beijing government company middle-income women Product Positioning Wide range of high quality beauty products using the latest technologies Product Price Distribution Promotion AUPRES Premium price strategy Channel Specific brand strategy High-end department store Cosmetics specialty store Online shopping mall Sales Promotion Advertising TV commercial is the most effective Discounts, Membership Source: Datamonitor high price good quality Reference http://adage.com/china/article/viewpoint/why-shiseido-beats-western-beauty-marketers-in-china/145645/
(2010, 12). Making China Beautiful: Shiseido and the China Market. StudyMode.com. Retrieved 12, 2010, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Making-China-Beautiful-Shiseido-And-The-518277.html
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