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Temeraire Timeline

No description

Jamie Dayman

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Temeraire Timeline

'Temeraire' Novel Timeline
1. The Battle of the Amiéte/
The Finding of the Egg
Captain Will Laurence, and his crew, board and attack the French frigate ,the Amiéte, and seize it. The French crew was fatigued and sick, they didn't put up much of a fight.

After the Amiéte had been secured, Captain Laurence searched the storage areas for anything of danger or value. What they found was beyond their greatest expectations, they found a dragon egg of great value.
2. The Hatching of the Egg
While at first the egg had seemed to be of great value, the ship's surgeon found that the egg was close to hatching. This shocked the crew, as a dragon must imprint upon a human and make them their 'aviator' forever.

After a short few days, an aviator was chosen out of the crew by ballot. That same day, the Egg hatched and ,instead of the intended aviator, Carver, it formed an attachment with Captain Laurence.
The Ending
4. The crew arrives at Funchal
After three weeks on board the Reliant, Captain Laurence, Temeraire and the rest of the crew finally reach the harbor at Funchal.

Here, Laurence encounters Admiral Croft, who is mad that Captain Laurence chose to harness the dragon and that he gave his position to Riley.
3. Temeraire saves Gordon
The dragon grows quickly and Laurence christens it Temeraire, after the the great ship.

While talking to Captain Laurence, Temeraire notices that the ship's cook, Gordon, has fallen overboard. He flys down to save the man, with Laurence on his back, and pulls him out of the water.

5. Laurence and Temeraire meet Sir Edward Howe
Laurence meets Sir Edward (an expert
on dragons, and he reveals that
Temeraire is ,in fact, a Chinese Imperial
dragon (a very rare breed). He states that
Temeraire may be one of the only
Chinese Imperials in he whole of
6. Temeraire and Laurence meet James and Volatius.
While out at the water, Laurence
and Temeraire encounter an
Aviator by the name of Captain James,
as well as his dragon, Volatius.

While Cap. James wasn't aware
of Laurence, or his situation,
he informs him that he will
be met with a senior
captain soon.

7. Temeraire is given another Aviator.
Captain Laurence meets two aviators
by the names of Lieutenant Dayes and
Captain Portland. They inform him that
he need longer be an aviator and that he
can return to his ship, since Dayes was
going to become Temeraire's captain
instead of Laurence.

Temeraire rejects Dayes
and Laurence happily
becomes his captain again.

8. Laurence meets Admirals Bowen and Powys.
After speaking with two Admirals (Bowen
and Powys), it is decided that the best place
to train Temeraire is at Loch Laggan, in Scotland.

Laurence decides that he will stop in at his
parents home on the way to the camp at
Loch Laggan.
9. Laurence and Temeraire go to Laurence's parents house.
Laurence stops at his father's (Lord
Allendale) house briefly while on the
way to Loch Laggan. He reveals that he
is now an aviator and they are shocked.
His father is very disappointed with him
(even though he was anyway) and tells him
to leave.

His mother is much kinder and he
shows her Temeraire.
10. Laurence and Temeraire arrive
at Loch Laggan.
After briefly stopping in at his parents
home, Temeraire and Laurence finally
arrive at Loch Laggan. When they get there,
they meet Celeritas, who is the training
master. Laurence is shocked to find that he
is in fact a dragon.

Laurence meets a lieutenant named
Granby, who is rude
and hostile towards him.
11. Laurence and Temeraire
live life at Loch Laggan.
At Loch Laggan, Laurence feels
left out of conversations and general
friendships because he is from the navy and only stumbled across such a
rare species as Temeraire by chance, which makes the others jealous and resenting.
Temeraire and Laurence also meet a Winchester (a dragon) called Levitas. He is being neglected by his aviator and Laurence is shocked.
12. The beginning of dragon
Laurence and Temeraire begin dragon
training under Celeritas. Laurence
speaks briefly to a man called Berkley, the captain of a dragon names Maximus, and he says that Temeraire and Maximus were going to train together.

After flying for a bit, Maximus dive bombs at Temeraire and barely misses him. Temeraire only manages to avoid Maximus by hovering in mid air, narrowly missing him.
Celeritas is amazed that Temeraire
can hover and informs him
that he's never seen such a feat preformed before.
After spending a lot of time talking to him, Laurence begins to befriend Captain Rankin.
He spends many evenings
playing chess with him, even
though neither of the men are particularly
interested or good at it.

Rankin seems like
a kind person and a worthy friend to Laurence until he finds out that Rankin is, in fact, the aviator of Levitas (who Laurence found to be neglected by his previously unknown aviator).
14. Laurence befriends
13. Laurence meets the
other aviators.
At a meeting at Loch Laggan, Laurence
meets some of the other aviators. He first sees Berkley, who's the captain of Maximus, who he'd met earlier at training. He also meets Captain Jeremy Rankin, who happened to be the third son the the Earl of Kensington.
Finally, he meets Captain Catherine Harcourt, who's the captain of a dragon called Lily. At first, Laurence mistook her for a boy, but realises his mistake when he is called by name.
15. Laurence, Temeraire and the other aviators are called to battle.
After training tediously and frequently, the aviators are informed that a battle has taken place and that one of their dragons, Victoriatus, has been severely injured and that he needs their help. The dragons are harnessed and they fly out to the battlefield.

Eventually, they find Victoriatus flying very slowly with the help of two other dragons, in serious pain. Temeraire goes in to help him and gets sliced by one of his talons
while doing so. They help Victoritus
and then return to the Loch.
16. The aviators battle the French
The aviators and their dragons are called out
to help fight the French once more. The dragons form a special circle of defence for Lily, a young Longwing whose aviator is Captain Harcourt. The French aviators use special tactics however and Lily is seriously injured by one of their dragons. Temeraire ultimately saves from death by stopping the Frenchman before he could cause any more damage.
Luckily, Lily recovers relatively quickly
and no long-term injures occur.
17. Laurence meets Jane Roland.
Not long after the battle where Lily was injured, Laurence meets a female aviator called Jane. She is the mother of one of Laurence's ground crew, Emily, who is only very young.

The two get to know each other very well and both enjoy each others company.
Later in the book, they become lovers.
18. Choiseul and Praetorius are not who they say they are.
Just after Jane Roland leaves on Excidium, an aviator who only recently arrived at Loch Laggan, Choiseul, and his dragon Praetorius, are found to be traitors and actually plants from the French army. They previously said that they were French deserters, but were caught by Laurence while attempting to steal Lily and kidnap Captain Harcourt.

He was originally sent to steal Temeraire, who was supposed to be Napoleon's personal dragon.
19. Laurence receives some
good news.
Laurence gets woken up by Temeraire
and at first Laurence thinks that they are being attacked or that they are needed, but instead he is told that Napoleon has been killed at the battle of Trafalgar.

Volly, Captain James' dragon, was the one that told everyone what happened and the news spreads quickly. Everyone at Loch Laggan is celebrating non-stop and seemingly nothing can douse their
20. Choiseul and Praetorius
and punished.
Choiseul and Praetorius are finally given
their punishments. Praetorius is sent to Newfoundland and Choiseul is to be hung. Laurence and Temeraire see the sadness and distress within both of them and feel sorry for them.

They don't do anything to help them and Temeraire doesn't understand why Choiseul has to die.
21. The French aren't finished yet.
Lenton informs the aviators that the French have massive transports with thousands of men and that they need to be destroyed. They fly out to where the transports are being carried by dragons and asses the situation. They then go into a huge battle with the French dragons who are defending their transports. Just as the French are getting the upper hand and all hope seems lost, Temeraire utters a massive roar that destroys most of the transports and turns
the tide of the war. Finally, they finish the fight and the French retreat.
After talking briefly to Mrs Montagu and Lord Windsdale, Laurence meets Sir Edward Howe once more. He reveals to Laurence that Temeraire is actually a Celestial dragon, the rarest breed in the world. Celestials were only given to Chinese Emperors and to harness one is a great honour. Barely any have ever been seen and their ability to roar with such unnatural power (what Temeraire did at the battle earlier) was legendary. The amazing ability is called Divine Wind and no other type of dragon can preform it.

When Sir Edward leaves, Temeraire asks Laurence what China is like and asks if they could ever visit.
Laurence falls asleep on Temeraire, listening to his heart beat...
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