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01.05 Economics and Slavery

No description

Tay Silence

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of 01.05 Economics and Slavery

01.05 Economics and Slavery
Why did slavery start in the colonies?
Why were the jobs in each region different?
The jobs in each region were different because they all harvest and require different needs.
What difficulties did slaves face?
Slaves faced a lot of difficulties like being poor, working long hot endless days, and not even sometimes fed.
Slavery was started because colonies needed cheap labor and also help pick up the speed of daily things.
How were slaves brought to the colonies?
Slaves were brought to colonies by trading and shipping kinda like they did with goods.
What types of jobs did slaves do in each colonial region: New England, Middle and the South?
Slaves helped farm, wheat, grown, harvest, fish and other daily life things.
Why were slaves important to the colonial economy?
Slaves were important to the colonial economy because it helped them get a lot of work done.
What alternative to slavery do you think the colonists could have used to solve the labor shortage?
I think they should have used animals to help with the slavery shortage
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