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Spinning the Worldwide Web 1450-1800

By: Jacqueline Kuo, Arturo Ibanez & Peter-Jan Kok

Peter-Jan Kok

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Spinning the Worldwide Web 1450-1800

The Americas Spinning
the Worldwide Web
1450-1800 AZTEC INCA - 1429 - 1519
- Traditions
- Networks
- Merchants and markets
- Politically
- Culturally
- Mexican northward trade
- Tenochtitlan
- Triple Alliance
- Montezuma II - 1440-1520
- Rapid conquest
- Conquests: 25,000-40,000 km
- Religion
- Economic integration
- Inca domain
- Spanish Conquest Africa and The Slave Trade African Map - 1450 1487 - Cape of Good Hope: Bartolome Diaz MARITIME ROUTES 1441 - White Cape: Nuno Tristao 1497(j) - 1498(m): Calicut (India): Vasco da Gama OVERLAND ROUTES Self - sufficient colonies Explode Natural and Mineral resources - Provide Povision - Wood, Fishing and Hunting.
- Gold, Silver.
Slaves Year 1510 Year 1867 TOTAL = 12,500,000 TRANS - ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE Major coastal regions from which captives left Africa Major regions where captives disembarked Slaves in America Impact of Slave Trade in Africa Increasing penetration into the Americas - Increasing demand of forced Labour Most scholars - negative effects 1450 -1800 Ming dynasty
1368 - 1644 Qing dynasty
1644 -1912 朝 明朝 Other trends. INDEX

INCA BY: Jacqueline Kuo, Arturo Ibañez & Peter-Jan Kok AZTEC http://prezi.com/owjyypfuy_n2/web/ Formation of stable political structures China as world power Slave as an expensive commodity Aztec & Inca Africa Into the Old Web
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