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Gestural Interface

sixth sense

Mitesh Puthran

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Gestural Interface

Keyboards which we use till date
was invented in the 19th century,joysticks and touchscreens etc. used for taking inputs have all become old fashioned nowadays..........

We need something new which is totally different and would change the way we control the digital world,and
thats were the use of gestures comes into picture. What are gestures basically?

Gestures are movements of hand or head
to express an idea or to communicate with others.

A movement of a limb or the body as an expression of thought or feeling.

Gestural Interface is the use of those gestures to control the digital world around us. There are twO types of
gestures in gestural interface Using gestures we can control
a computer's functioning without the need of touching it. Image processing in
gesture recognition Definition: Image processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; the output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. Hardware used in gesture recognition 1.Video is recorded by
camera,then the video is been sent
to the laptop.

2.The video is then sent to the laptop
where the gesture recognition
software cuts the video into many
different frames (i.e images)

3.These frames are then processed to
find the RGB colors which are
present in the images.

4.Thus using this various frames the
gestures are recognized by the
gesture recognition software.

5.Hence desired output is obtained
which was decided by the user. Colour Segment Scale by Area 32 32 Projector:
The projector projects the visual information enabling surfaces and physical objects to be used as interfaces.
A tiny LED projector displays data sent from the smart phone to any surface Colour markers:
It is at the tip of the users fingers.
Marking the users fingers with red,yellow,green,and blue tape helps the webcam recognize the gestures Smart phone:
A web enabled smart phone in the users pocket processes the video data.
Other software searches the web and interprets the hand gestures. MIRROR:
The usage of the mirror is significant as the projector dangles pointing downwards from the neck It Consists Of:
Color Markers
Smart Phone Camera:
Tracks the movement of the colored markers using movement algorithms.
captures an object in view and tracks the users hand gestures.
It sends the data to the smart phone
It acts as a digital eye connecting you to the digital world Akshay
Jash “Gestural interface makes touch screen look so last year” Touch screen technology which we use has been around for too long and has
become old fashioned.... But now it's time that we change all that and use gestures to control the world around us... Wear your world around you..!!!!!!
Lets see the applications of GESTURAL INTERFACE Project made and Presented by: n

l Still using this!!!!! jygmygmygkjy

tyjtyjytkjtj 1) Offline Gestures
2) Online Gestures Gestural Interface Offline gestures: Those gestures that are processed after the user interaction with the object. An example is the gesture to activate a menu Online gestures: Direct manipulation of gestures. They are used to scale or rotate a tangible object. Applications:
1) To make a call using gestures. Here the keypad is projected onto
your hand,using this virtual keypad
we can dail any phone no. to make calls. 2) Mapping Here the map could be projected
on the wall, using gestures we
can zoom in or out in the map. 3) Drawing It lets the user to draw on
the surface using gestres. 4)Newspaper Using the help of sixth sense
technology we can project live
news to the newspaper. 5) Taking a Picture A user can stop by any surface
this framing gesture allows the
user to capture photos. 6) Interactive Displays With the help of sixth sense we can
turn any surface into a interactive display. Now lets check out what we can do with gestures in our daily lives to ma it interesting...... Future Development : It seems that there can be a great future for the Sixth Sense Tecnology Applications.
Sixth Sense devices ae completely different
from our everyday computers,they take us to a completely different virtual world where the difference between reality and fiction does not exist.
Sixth sense Technology should be provided with enough security so that it exists in the future to come.
The total cost of the whole device estimates to be around $300, but in the near future it would be availble to the common man at reasonable cost. GI Thank you for letting us share this piece of work with you.....
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