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Plant Cell Analogy to the Mall

No description

Samantha Camarena

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogy to the Mall

Plant Cell Analogy to a Mall Ribosome Ribosomes is like the employees in the food court because they make the food and food has protein just like the ribosomes. Endoplasmic Reticulum Endoplasmic reticulum are like the food court manager because the manger creates food that contains protein. This is just how endoplasmic reticulum makes protein. Lysosome Lysosome are like the shopper because they buy food and they digest the food. This is like lysosome because they break down food and wastes. Chloroplast Chloroplast are like the vending machines around the mall because they take money and converts snacks or drinks. This is like chloroplast because it takes the Sun's energy to make carbon dioxide,water, sugar, and oxygen. Mitochondria Mitochondria are like the food in the food court because when the shopper eat the food give them more energy. This relate to mitochondria because it's the cell that function energy production. Cytoskeleton Phospholipid Bilayer Golgi apparatus Golgi is like the flyer around the mall that gives information about the sales in the mall. This is like the Golgi apparatus because, just like the endoplasmic reticulum it gives out protein to everywhere in the cell. Chromosome Chromosome is like the directory because it give you information on where you want to go and shows you. This relates to the chromosome because carrying genetic information in the form of genes just like directory. Nuclear envelope Nucleolus Cytoskeleton are like the escalators because they help people get up and down stairs. This is like the cytoskeleton because it helps just like the escalators Phospholipid Bilayer is like the childcare in the mall . This is like phospholipid bilayer because the child care is like they protection of the kids going around the mall and for them getting lost in the mall.The child care is like they layer of the children. Nuclear envelope is like the security in the mall. This is because the nuclear envelope protects the nucleus just how the security protects the mall. Nucleolus is like the clothes in the mall because it rounds you body,. This is like the nucleolus because it rounds the nucleus.
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