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A description of what I like to do in my free time

william stewart

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee Championships College U.S. Nationals World: Silver and Gold 1986: Saint Louis
Came in as the lowest seed, 14 of 14 teams.
Beat the #1 seed: Stanford, in the first game! We were down 16-14 in a game to 17. They got the disc and advanced it to the endzone.
They called a timeout to set up a scoring play.
We put our best defender on their thrower.
Our player had a broken hand.
He blocked the disc with his broken hand to
get the turnover. We scored 4 straight to win! We won all our games and then...we beat Stanford again in the finals: 21-13. Trophy in the photo! 2008 Vancouver: best in the world for men over age 35! Gold medal! Learning to play: High school Learning the forehand from Joel Bennett during the
half-time of my first pick-up game in 1981 at Dean Park. First tournament: I learned that any throw is catchable. No subs. Hours of non-stop play. No cleats. Leg cramps: Ouch! Family play Fun with Rheannon and Liam Injuries: Shoulder,
ankles, concussion Coaching:
Amherst, Smith, Leverett.
Teaching others how to play,
2 National College MVPs
(Callahan Award winners)
Josh Ziperstein and Will Neff. Wrap-up: I have made many friends playing and traveled the world to play. Overall, it's been a great sport for me, both as a player and as a coach. It keeps me fit, and even when I cannot play, I can give back to the sport by teaching others. Recently And while in high school Annie's big brother, Will, whom I taught to play in 4th grade! 56 catches in a row Son Robin: 4 time high school national champion and Worlds Junior Champion, 2006
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