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Managing a 21st Century Classroom

No description

Emily Jukich

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Managing a 21st Century Classroom

Google Classroom
Class creator
Create and collect assignments
Connected to Google Drive
Student submissions are organized into a folder for each student in the drive
Syncs with current Google Apps
Everything is in one place
Teacher can review, provide, feedback, grade, and return with the click of a button
Streamline communication and management
Discussion board
Choosing a Learning Management System
An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a necessity when managing a digital classroom.
LMS's are designed to streamline the management of online learning for teachers in order to save more time for the important things: teaching and learning.
Many options exist to help teachers manage workflow, paperwork, assignments, grades, communication, and calendars.
Google Classroom
This presentation will review three top LMS's:
Schoology, Edmodo,
Google Classroom
Group Creator
Create groups (classes) by grade level and subject area in a safe and secure setting
Application store
Link apps directly to class pages
Teacher Resources
Planner feature
Resource share
Subject and Publisher Communities
Snapshot is a great common-core aligned assessment tool
Teachers easily create, assign, review, and grade
Discussion board
Shared Calendar
Parent Accounts available

Selecting an LMS that fits your needs is a must and the benefits cannot be overstated.

After my investigation of the three LMS platforms, I plan on using Schoology in the fall to manage my Blended Learning Classroom and here is why:
1. Ease of use: its intuitive for me, easy to use for students, and looks great.
2. It has all of the features of both Edmodo and Google Classroom, plus more. Check out my table in the references section for more details.
(My one wish is for Schoology to add a feature like Edmodo's Snapshot).

Managing a 21st Century Classroom
Schoology, Edmodo & Google Classroom
Schoology Assignments
Grading with
Create assignments directly from grade book
Numeric scales, rubrics, and letter grades
Key Features:
Attach files from your drive, links from the web, or resources straight from Schoology
Work submitted by students through the dropbox, ready to be graded
Many options for assignment creation

Course creator
Different subjects, grade levels, sections
Share content between courses
App center
Connect Google Apps and other Apps like Remind101 right to your class homepage
Teacher Resources
Join groups to connect with other educators and share resources
Search for resources by subject, type, grade level, file format, and rating
Online grading system
Rubrics linked directly to assignments
Different grading categories
Social media layout
Easy and engaging due to its similarity to Facebook
Create and manage assignments
Discussion board
Fosters collaboration and interaction
Data management and analysis, student usage analytics
Google Classroom: a Critical Look
Google Classroom is tentatively launching in August or September.
Lacking many features necessary for classroom management such as grading and data analysis
Only options from the homepage now are: create assignment or announcement (no options for links, albums, discussions, tests/quizzes, or pages like Schoology)
Key Features:
Key Features
References and Further Reading

My table comparing important features: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OFucNFV7JkWBrqAKPOmIlrTZLakXBpictOUQPcZqhsw/edit?usp=sharing




Google Classroom Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NhdSF5n0EP8mxM3kicnVrxbUNjt-vNy273ltuxXl2_U/edit#slide=id.g35afa51d0_2_0

Who else is choosing Schoology over Edmodo:

For a teacher, especially one newer to technology use in the classroom, ease of use is a huge factor when considering potential LMS's. While Edmodo and Schoology are very similar, Schoology is far more intuitive and easy to use. After playing around with Schoology for an hour, I already felt like an expert. On the other hand, I still wasn't quite ready to use Edmodo after the same amount of time. It claims to be intutive and similar to facebook, but just isn't really. Google Classroom on the other hand, has not yet fully been explored except via virtual tours on YouTube as it has not yet been released. I expect Google Classroom to be extremely intuitive, but it lacks many of the features that an LMS, in my opinion, needs.

Usability Summary
Where does Edmodo beat out the competitors?
Snapshot assessment platform
Where does Google Classroom accel?
What about Schoology?
Discussion board features
Quiz/test options, ie ability to add formulas (math)
Grade book features
Student usage data and analysis
Would be perfect with the addition of something similar to Snapshot

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