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How the Printing Press Affected the Teachings of Martin Luther

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Lauren B

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of How the Printing Press Affected the Teachings of Martin Luther

The Reformation's Impact on European Society
The printing press was invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany Some historians say that Martin Luther's teachings were exacerbated by the invention of the printing press
The printing press allowed for a rapid spread of ideas to a whole new group of people. Advantages of the Printing Press
Allowed for the spread of ideas
to the poorer peasants who couldn't afford books. The printing press made printed books cheaper Martin Luther translated many books including the bible into the vulgar languages. German, for example The translation of the bible into German allowed for a whole new group of people to be able to read it and think for themselves Before the printing press books were seen as a sign of great wealth As a way to insure that the masses were exposed to Luther's ideas, cheap small pamphlets were made that introduced and spread the ideas. The use of pamphlets skyrocketed in the Holy Roman Empire Pamphlet making increased forty fold after 1517 Was the reformation an Oral Event? Due to the lack of printing avaiable to many people, stories and discussions were passed along orally. Despite the great use of the printing press still the most popular method of spreading Luther's word was done by word of mouth. However, without the printing press, Luthers ideas would not have spread as quickly as they did and may not have had as great an impact. Conclusion I believe that the printing press had a profound impact on the spreading of Reformation ideas. The printing press was an enemy of the Catholic Church and was seen as dangerous. If this technology was not available at the time Luther's ideas could have had a weaker impact on European society at the time. Thesis: The Reformation of the Catholic Church had a profound impact on European Society during the 16th century. The influence and spread of Martin Luther’s ideas can be attributed to invention of the printing press which influenced the spread of Luther’s ideas and permanently changed the Catholic Church forever.
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