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Paolo Tosolini's interactive Prezi resume (prezume)

Interactive resume of Paolo Tosolini, featuring QR codes, videos, tag clouds and photos - paolo@tosolini.com - @tosolini

Paolo Tosolini

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Paolo Tosolini's interactive Prezi resume (prezume)

Where my passion and skills meet
team work
2007 - 2009 New Media Business Manager, Microsoft
2004 - 2007 Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft
2003 - 2004 Technical Program Manager, Microsoft
2001 - 2003 International Data Analyst, Microsoft
Corporate experience
Mid-size business experience
1999 - 2000 Web Marketing Director, click2learn.com
1998 - 1999 Web Marketing Manager, Asymetrix
1996 - 1998 International Product Marketing Manager, Asymetrix
2012 - today Director, Digital and Emerging Media, Run Studios
2009 - 2012 Enterprise Social Video consultant, Tosolini LLC
2004 - today Co-founder, ItalyFromTheInside.com
2000 - 2001 Co-founder, myItalianVacation.com
Startup experience
1996 Multimedia researcher, Southern Illinois University
1995 Multimedia developer, Intec College, Cape Town, South Africa
1994 Web designer, University of Trieste, Italy
1993 Multimedia intern, NEC Research Labs, Tokyo, Japan
Early R&D experiences
Tag cloud of my 30+ LinkedIn recommendations
A few career highlights
Launched and ran Microsoft's "internal YouTube" (called Academy Mobile) used by employees to exchange confidential knowledge, best practices and communications via online audio/video
Launching the Podcast-in-a-Box program aimed at crowdsourcing video content from employees
Receiving the 2008 Digital Marketing Excellence award from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
Drove Academy Mobile to 27K unique internal users (1/3 of company staff), 2,100 content creators, 11K video uploads and 272K annual downloads with 50% of videos originating from field in just 2.5 years
Led Academy Mobile to 8 industry accolades
The Academy Mobile platform
Academy Mobile video case study
Developed over 600 new Office 2007 solutions representing 800% higher achievement rate vs. prior launch
2007 - 2009
New Media Business Manager,
2004 - 2007 Partner Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Invented framework for and managed Office 2007 Partner Technology Adoption Program (TAP) engagement that resulted in early adoption of Office platform by over 4,500 ISVs/SIs worldwide
The launch of Office 2007 at the Microsoft WorldWide Partner Conference featuring solutions created by early adopters in Paolo's program
Paolo managing the creation of partner marketing evidence before the official release of Office
2009 - 2012
Enterprise Social Video consultant, Tosolini LLC
I'm a regular speaker at various conferences and workshops regarding the adoption of mobile and online video in the enterprise
Creativity at work: Mobile Learning, social media massage campaign (promotional podcasts while you get a massage) and internal communications with choco-tags (Microsoft Tags printed on chocolate and linked to YouTube videos)
Tradeshows and events are a natural fit for my 'product evangelist' personality
I had the privilege to be invited twice as the Digital Media Captain of Imagine Cup, the world's premier student technology competition hosted by Microsoft and attracting more than 350K registered students
Paolo Tosolini's Prezume
(425) 985-7886
Places to connect with me
How can we start working together?
(425) 985-7886 - paolo@tosolini.com - http://tosolini.com
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