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how cats have nine lifes

this story is about brave littel cats and they are lost in the forest (creation story)

Nikol Rud

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of how cats have nine lifes

By: Nikol Rudakov "How cats have nine lives" There was a very brave cat, his name was Bigimoth. He lived with his darling wife Tara. They lived in the forest and they loved it there because there was always food to eat. Tara was pregnant at that time. One day....... LONG TIME AGO....... A A miracle happened, the kittens were born! Tara named them:"Fluffy, Maya, Stella, Garfield, Rapunzel and youngest one sweetie" Rapunzel Maya Fluffy Stella Garfield Sweetie They enjoyed being around
each other. The kittens
played almost every day in the
forest, they had so much fun. The cats kept on running & running after the poor squirrel. When the the little squirrel was tired of running, she climbed the closest tree and yelled "HA! HA! IN YOUR FACES!!!". The cats just looked around, and around . "We're lost!!!!" they all screamed. "Don't worry" Fluffy said, since he was the oldest he had to make sure every one is safe. After a few seconds of silence Maya said "lets go to the left". And they all followed her. When it was already dark out side, sweetie almost fell a sleep. "We need to find a place to stay for the night" Rapunzel said."We can go in to that cave" Maya said. So all the cats went in side the cave "Its too dark in here" Stella said. " It doesn't matter we just need a place to sleep in" Garfield said. "Please don't eat us Mr.wolf..." Maya quietly moved behind her brother while talking to wolf."Don't be afraid, he cant do any thing to us! can he?...." Fluffy yelled out load. "Ooh! i like your spirit boy but in this case i can do every thing to you!". "Please don't eat us we proms we will never come back". Stella asked. "Its too late!" the wolf yelled "ha ha ha!". "Run! run !guys!"
Garfield said. and all the cats started running out side the cave. "I am hungry, is there some place to eat" Rapunzel asked. " I see an apple tree over there but its over that big falls". Garfield answered. "OK, lets go there and check it out" Fluffy said. so all the cats started walking towards the falls. When they started getting closer they saw huge rocks," maybe we can jump over thous gigantic rocks". Maya said. so they started jumping one at a time Fluffy went first. " one, tow three, haa!. i almost fell!" Fluffy screamed out load. Finally all of the cats made their way to the end. " yes we're alive!" they screamed "Look there's the fruit tree" sweetie said.and all of them run with joy to the tree. they ate 1 fruit 2 fruits3,4,5 and even more."hi! what are you doing eating from my tree!" a pretty bird was sitting on the top of the tree. "were just eating little bird we wont harm you" Rapunzel said. and all the cats run away before they will start anther fight. All the cats went out side to play. "squirrel!!!!" Garfield & fluffy yelled. all the cats run after the squirrel. " Hi i remember us walking here.."Maya said. "Aah, same" they all said."That's because we live here look there is mom!"Fluffy screamed. "Mom, dad!!!" they all screamed. "Where were you guys we were so worried!" Tara and Bigimoth said. "your so brave, so i want to give you a gift."Bigimoth said. "What is it dad???" they all asked. "From now on you'll have 9 lives, so you have 9 chances in life" Bigimoth answered (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr In the morning they we're
about to live but then... a huge scary wolf jumped out of the bushes "What are you doing at my HOUSE!?!" he asked with a load voice."Get out of my house! rrrr...." this time he yelled even loader. "Haaaaa!!!" all the cats yelled. All the cats run away and climbed the tree. After that the wolf said " not fair! I'll be back!!rrrr..." When it was safe to get down, so all the cats did "We're safe now right?" Rapunzel asked. "yes i think we are, now lets continue"Fluffy said. And THATS WHERE MY STORY ENDS!!!
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