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The Time Machine

No description

Michelle Lee

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of The Time Machine

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells Characters: Major:
The Time Traveller
Hillyer (Narrator)
Weena The Time Traveller begins his story of his journey to the future.
He has created a time machine that could travel through the future with the use of one lever, to move back and forth in time. The Time Traveller was headed towards the future and finds himself in a hail storm, in which small creatures, that he finds later to be the Eloi, dressed and frail, with large eyes and curly hair. The society laid out in front of the Time Traveller proves not to be the advanced, civilized, and intellegent community he expected, but the frolicking of mindless creatures which disappointed him greatly. After spending a day with the Eloi species, attempting to learn and teach languages, eating their diet, which consisted mostly of fruits, and experiencing their activities, the Time Traveller decides to travel back to his own time, but notices that his time machine has disappeared. Minor:
The Medical Man
The Psychologist
The Editor
The Journalist
Filby Climax The Time Traveller is remorseful and feels a tremendous amount of guilt when he discovers that Weena has disappeared. The poor creature was most likely dead and the Time Traveller is ashamed at what part he had taken in the death of his Eloi friend. Feeling regretful at the death of Weena and seeing that he had done enough with killing so many Morlocks, a species in this time period, and bringing fear and fire into the generation, he decides to leave the future and head back to his own time. Falling Action In the morning, the Time Traveller headed to the area where the white sphinx statue was, where his time machine was. The brown valves at the pedestal of sphinx were open, making it easy for the Time Traveller to access the inside. The time machine was expectedly in the small compartment and the Time Traveller clambered onto it. The Morlocks have trapped him, but the Time Traveller made his last escape from those white creatures by pulling on the lever of his ingenious machinery.

He was again travelling into the future and this time found himself on a beach. There were giant crabs in this time period and the Time Traveller came to a close encounter with one and quickly moved his lever in order to avoid being eaten by a huge crustacean. He advanced further into the future, but continued to see crabs and watched as the earth slowly deteriorated. There came a period of time where lichen was the only living thing on Earth and other planets were passing right by it. The only other sign of a living thing was a jumping black blob in the distance and with this, the Time Traveller begin to start back to his own time. Resolution The Time Traveller was finished telling his story to his skeptical listeners and the narrator returned to the Time Traveller the next day in the hope that what he had said may be true with the evidence of the alien-like flowers the Time Traveller claims to have retrieved from the future. He was going to go on another journey to the future and this time was taking his needed supplies and things that he could record his evidence in. Promising to be back in an hour, the Time Traveller never returned and was never heard of, nor seen of again. Setting:
AD 802,701
The Palace of Green Porcelain
The White Sphinx Statue
The Overworld
The Underworld
The Future
The Present The Time Traveller is at his home with his dinner guests explaining the possibility of the existence of a fourth dimension. He logically explains that if humans could move about in the other three dimensions, they could do the same in the fourth dimension of time. He shows them a mini version of his time machine and shows them how it works, which is with a lever. The guests are amazed, yet skeptical of his discoveries. Internal Conflict: The Time Traveller VS. Understanding the Future The Time Traveller has a difficult time trying to understand the new environment and society in the future. He meets creatures called the Eloi, but they speak a different language and have very limited attention spans, making it almost impossible for the Time Traveller to teach them his own language. He struggles with discovering the future earth by himself and discover a different cannibal species known as the Morlocks. The Time Traveller VS. The Morlocks The Morlocks cause many conflicts for the Time Traveller during his journey into the future and the biggest conflict they cause for him is stealing his time machine, which was his only way back to his own time. The Time Traveller encounters many struggles throughout his expedition of finding his time machine to get back to the security of his own labratory. Exposition Rising Action Conflict External Conflict: During his unexpected stay in the future, he saves an Eloi named Weena from drowning and befriends the little creature. He also discovers another species. They were white, spider-like creatures that lived underground, called the Morlocks. The Time Traveller firgures that the feeble Eloi couldn't have taken his time machine and concludes that the Morlocks must have taken his time machine. He is determined one day to enter the underworld to retrieve his time machine and go back to the present. The Time Traveller goes to the Palace of Green Porcelain in order to enter one of the wells there and enter the underground. He brought matches to be able to see in the dark tunnels, but these sources of light proved to be of more use. The Morlocks have spent a significant time living underground and are extremely sensitive to light, therefore, hunt the Eloi, their supply of food, only during the nighttime. This was the reason why the Eloi were so terrified during the night for they had no power nor weapon to defend themselves against these predators. Unfortunately, the Morlocks were also after the Time Traveller's flesh. He discovered that these creatures repelled from light and continued to burn matches, which helped make his narrow escape. The Time Traveller and Weena were once again in the Palace of Green Porcelain and they entered a destroyed museum. In the chemistry exhibit, the Time Traveller obtains matches, which he ran out of, camphor, an inflammable substance that proves to be an excellent candle, and a mace from some machinery in the museum to defend himself against attacking Morlocks. The two headed into the forest to set up a camp for a safe evening and created a bonfire when they reached their destination. The Morlocks were following very close behind them, though. Weena had fainted long before being in such close vicinity with the Morlocks and without two days of sleep, the heavy smoke of the fire caused the Time Traveller to nod off to sleep. He awakes later on with the Morlocks surrounding him and is terrified by their sudden appearance. It had been long since the fire had gone out and the Morlocks had cleverly taken the Time Traveller's box of matches. He grabbed the mace he had gotten from the museum begun to swing wildly at the nearing Morlocks in the darkness. Suddenly, the dark forest blazed in a red wonder and the Morlocks were wildly running around in a frenzy. The first fire had become the forest fire and many Morlocks were killed. The Time Traveller had once again been able to escape from the Morlocks, but Weena had disappeared. Plot Diagram
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