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Journey into DNA

No description

Andres Duran

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of Journey into DNA

Journey into DNA The human genome Nucleus Chromosomes Chromatin Nucleosome Histones DNA The four bases of DNA Nucleotide The human genome the heredity information that is stored on 23 chromosome pairs.
22 of these pairs contain the information that give every human being their unique look. The one that is left over determines one's sex. The nucleus contains much of the cell's genetic material organized into DNA strands.
The nucleus is also known as the control center of the cell because it's main job is to control the activities of the cell. The chromosome is made up of DNA strands and protein found in cells. In every piece of DNA found in a chromosome, it contains genes and other nucleotide sequences. Chromatin is the combination of DNA and other protiens that make up chromosomes. The chromatin's job is to package DNA into smaller pieces in order to make them fit in the cell. Nucleosomes are the basic units of packaging in cells. They consist of a segment of DNA wrapped around the core of a histone protein. They produce the chromatin in cells. Histones are proteins found in the cell nucleus that package and arrange the DNA into nucleosomes. DNA a nucleic acid that holds the genetic instructions used to control the development of all living organisms. The main role of DNA is to store information for a long period of time. DNA is made up of four bases known as Thymine, cytosine, adenine and guanine. All the information for a living organism is stored in these four bases. Nucleotides are molecules that make up the structural units of and DNA when joined together.
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