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John Cabot

No description

Saloni Patel

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of John Cabot

John Cabot John Cabot was a Italian-born English explorer and navigator! He had many different names.
In English he was : John Cabot
French: Jean Cabot
Italian: Giovanni Caboto
Spanish: Juan Caboto He was born in Genoa,Italy in 1450. John Cabot was :
-a merchant just like his father.
-traded spices on the ports of the eastern Mediterranean.
- became an expert mariner, cartographer and navigator. England wanted to find a route to the Orient:
1. That avoided the Mediterranean and the rights the Italians had on spice trade.
2. To spread Christianity Bristol, England *Columbus's first voyage.* 1492 A year after his first voyage and 5 years after Columbus's voyage.
May,1497, Cabot set sail from Bristol,England. 3 voyage 1497 1496 Not many knew about this voyage.
He had 1 ship. He crew confused him, they ran out of supplies and ran into bad weather. So , Cabot came back from his voyage without any success. 1498 2 Voyage He had 5 ships and a crew of 300 men. A little into the journey, 1 of the ships had to stop in Ireland because of damages. The other 4 continued. Near Greenland, the crew mutinied. Mutiny-revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers. 1499 Cabot never returned to England. People say that he most likely died without food or because of the cold weather.Some even say that he landed in Newfoundland and lived there. We may never know what happened to John Cabot because he didn't keep a diary or log of his journey. 1st Voyage John Cabot never discovered the Orient- he discovered Canada. He claimed the land for England thinking it was Asia. But he did find cod fish. Once Cabot learned about the fish, hundreds and hundreds of ships came from Spain, France, and Portugal came to the great banks. King Henry was pleased that John found the cod fish because that meant they did not have to trade with Iceland for fish and that they could feed the whole kingdom. In other words it means that the crew rebelled and did not want to continue the journey and so they ditched John and came back to England. 1st Voyage 2nd Voyage 3rd Voyage No one knows what happened. Great Banks of New Foundland Cabot's second voyage had 1 ship called the Matthew and 18 men that included his sons. The Matthew John Cabot The End !!! By: Khushi and Saloni 1493 John wanted to find a quicker route than Columbus did to the Orient. So he tried to get sponsors in Italy. But when that didn't work out, so he moved to England and tired to get people to fund him. -King Henry VII gave his royal approval- but no money, and asked for one-fifth of any riches he finds .
-Cabot convinced him that England did not have to sit still while Spain claimed the New World and asked him to pay for his journey.
- The Pope had given Spain control of all the new lands in the New World,
-Cabot said it was possible to reach Asia on a more northerly route than Columbus took and this route would be shorter and quicker.
-If John was right about this, he wouldn't be the only one to get rich, the King would also take his share.
-Everybody believed that Cathay and Cipangu (China and Japan) were rich in gold, gems, spices and silks. If Asia had been where Cabot thought it was, it would have made England the greatest trading center in the world for goods from the east. After this journey, Cabot became the first European explorer to discover Canada.
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