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The Thank You Project

No description

larissa hor

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of The Thank You Project

The Thank You Project
The Thank You Project
she wants to invite them to her party The Thank You Project. Eli didn't just pull it all the way he also "defied the odds". Even the doctors who risk their life for us have never been thanked before!!
Thank you for reading!!!!
The thank you
This is the story of Kellie Haddock and Eli
The Thank You
Kellie Haddock instantly lost her husband and Eli was very injured.
It is now 10 years later,Kellie Haddock wants to find the team that helped her son survive. She would like to invite them to her Thank You Project that she is hosting.
The Thank You Project
Kellie has remarried and now has 3 kids including Eli. Eli has been adopted by Kellie's new husband Ted😆😊
The thank You Project
ANALYSIS !!!!!!!!
Doctors say that if Eli survived he wouldn't have much of a life, he wouldn't be able to walk, talk or show emotion. Kellie Haddock has been making important calls to find the team!!!
Eli was born a 2:00 am in 2004, he weighed 1.36.
Kellie Haddock lost her husband in a horrific car accident and almost lost her new born son!
The Thank You Project
People don't really appreciate what others do for them.
Other doctors don't believe and don't have a go they just say "there isn't any hope
If you want to achieve something always remember that there is still hope!!!
some doctors only care about the money, they actually don't really care about the treatment.
Kellie Haddock didn't just stick with the past she has moved on, got married had 3
kids including Eli.
This film has a very deep, saying there is still hope and you should believe in one and another .
Doctors put a lot of effort and courage, thought and caring.
by Larissa.H
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