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Böhmische Dörfer - English version

No description

alexandra saemmer

on 14 February 2016

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Transcript of Böhmische Dörfer - English version

The house. It is there, there behind.
Do you see it? My mother
descends from a train.
You see Your brother too. Gets lost in the background. here here here Do you see and now: Why populate there behind, where the fields are white and there, behind
this décor I dig the forbidden space and now: Restart on the left and on the right it is
still fresh: January 1946 what but what I send you. My décor It is flat like the snow. Memory.
Featureless I restart. Nothing has been said but there she is. Let me introduce: My mother. Let me introduce: her brother We shall talk of her father her brother also considering whenever in my décor Previously you enter. there there here Because it is here and there look at it died of hunger. my grandmother I can not find Böhmische Dörfer Alexandra Saemmer Sudeten Germans: Germanophone inhabitants of Bohemia and Moravia. 1938: Adolf Hitler wants to "liberate the Sudeten Germans" from the Czechoslovakian "oppression".
Annexation. 1945: The original borders of the Czechoslovak Republic are restored.
Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans.
Confiscation of their property. "Death march": Evacuation - on foot - of the Sudeten Germans from Brno. All along the way a mass grave of 890 people. What have they died of? 2007: Our mother shows my brother and I the house that she lived in before the Expulsion

She was one year old when she had to leave Brno.
It was her brother who carried her during the march.

She remembers everything she says.

She remembers the winter.

She asks us to not get too close.

As if it could pass through the forbidden.

I move around it, since. She says: disappeared.
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