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Rules, Responsibilities , and Expectations

No description

Jeffrey Demuth

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of Rules, Responsibilities , and Expectations

Rules, Responsibilities, and Expectations
for work

Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
The numbers 1 and 2 deal with punctuality.
Be on time
Number 3 deals with calling in
If you are going to be late or miss work call in
Number 4 deals with taking days off
Let your program manager or job coach know at least 2 days ahead of time if you are planning on missing work
Responsibilities 1 and 2
Responsibility 3
Responsibility 4
What is a rule?
What is a responsibility?
What is an expectation?
What's that mean?
Are they the same?
Can you give some examples?
so... what are the rules, responsibilities, and expectations at Options?
And the million dollar question is...
How many rules, expectations, and
responsibilities are listed in the
Options Consumer Handbook?

A. 8 B. 260,000,428
C. 25 D. 19
D. 19
Okay 19 rules, responsibilities, and expectations are listed in the handbook but what are they?
To work and to program areas
Who are the program managers?
hint there are 6
For the next part please follow
along in your Options' Consumer handbook
Let's play a game
What time should you be to your program area by?
Who should you call if your going to be late?
Which one of these people should you notify at least
days in advance if you are going to miss work?
If you said C.... well I am sorry...your wrong...but that's okay
Responsibility 5

Do your job as best as you can
Responsibility 6
Let a staff person know right away if you are ill or have been injured
Imagine that you are working on the work floor and you cut your hand.
What should you do?
A. Scream and run around in a circle
B. Calmly tell a staff member
you better have said B!
Responsibility 7
You must maintain appropriate hygiene
Do not
come to work looking like this
Treat others with respect
Responsibility 8
Can you give some examples of
what respect looks like?
Responsibility 9
Avoid yelling
Avoid using obscene or offensive language or gestures
These actions may place you or others in harms way
Remember responsibility number 8 is to treat others with respect
Responsibility 10
You can listen to music on an Ipod, C.D. player, or MP3 Player while working in-center but you
follow 2 conditions
Your music must not be loud enough to hurt your hearing or distrub/distract others
Your music cannot expose others to sexually explicit or disparaging language.
Responsibility 11
Follow all safety rules in your work location
O.S.H.A....what's that?
great what does that mean?
It's like the government man...
yes...it is the governments way making sure everyone works in a way to prevent injuries or deaths
If you work for Disney please leave the room now
Responsibility 12
Wear clean clothes that are right for work
Which one of these images shows someone who is dressed appropriate for work?
Options' Dress Code Page 30 of the handbook
Shirts- No low cut shirts or extremely tight fitting
- No tank tops, crop tops, halter-tops and
sleeveless tops with deep armholes
- The shirts cannot display images that may
offend anyone
Shorts/Pants- shorts or skirts should cover atleast 3/4
of the thigh.
-Jeans should be free of holes... and no pants on the ground
-Shorts and Pants should be neat, clean, and not overly faded
Pants/Shorts cannot be tight fitting
Accessories- No flip flops but sandals are okay
-Piercings and tattoos may have to be covered
Responsibility 13
Give a
week notice before resigning from a job provided by Options Inc.
Responsibility 14
Smoke only in designated areas away from the main entrance of the building.... and no smoking in Options vans or buses
Where are the designated smoking areas at Options
There are 2 of them at Options
Behind the lunchroom and outside by
Dean's office
Responsibility 15
Limit personal phone calls to break
time and in cases of emergency.
Would it be okay to make a phone call 10 minutes after
you were clocked in to work?
no, wait until your break time
Remember you are an employee at Options please do not make phone calls on the companies time unless it is an emergency.
Responsibility 16
use, sell, be under the influence of, or give anyone illegal drugs while at Options
You cannot abuse medication at Options
And you cannot drink alcoholic beverages at or before you get to work
if any of these things happen while at Options
disciplinary actions will result
Responsibility 17
Consumers will not be allowed to take scrap or reject parts without a staff okaying it first
Responsibility 18
Speak up!
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Options staff will make resonable accomodations for workers with disabling conditions (including behavior patterns) when it comes to
facility conditions, practices, and policies(rules)
if you feel that we are not doing this please
wow that was a mouth full...what does it all mean?
Options will adjust equipment (such as tables, chairs, etc.) or jobs so that everyone can work to their full potential
Responsibility 19
Each jobsite may have other rules that you must follow. Ask your program manager if you have any questions
Remember there are 6 program managers...who is yours?
What are some of the jobsites you can attend while working at Options?
E. Your job coach, Mary, or Tracey
You are all awesome
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