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Copy of 31-derful! By:Emily Alfs

No description

Emily Alfs

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of 31-derful! By:Emily Alfs

- Previous research
- Scaling down
What we know already
- Playing area
- Card values
Rules of the game
- Row and column sums

How to win
By:Emily Alfs

- Grid
- Good Grid
- Unique Grid
Key terms
- Produce all 4 X 4
- Eliminate all non-unique (by matrix operations)
- Determine if the list of cards makes a single grid unique
- Analyze the range of sums and grids
What goals did we set
Produce all 4 X 4 grids
- Using lists
- 251,212 unique grids

Eliminate all non-unique (by matrix operations)
- Expected results
- Lists make one to 178
- List with one solution
- Counter examples
Determine if the list makes a single grid unique
- Dr. Williams
- Dr. Meysenburg
- Doane College Summer Research Program
Thank you!
- Full scale game
- Randomizing
- Crowd sourcing
- App creation
Moving forward
Thank yous
How to play
Key terms
What we know
Moving forward
- 358 unique grids
- Sums of 12-30
- Lists Theorem
- Only one unique grid
- Sum of 20
- Scaling and memory
-Breadth first vs. Depth first searches

- 2,681,456 good grids
- Sums of 17 to 40
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