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Web Team core software

What the web development team do with their days

Graeme Stanley

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Web Team core software

'traditional' process HTML editor FTP client edit
pages choose files web server files local files using Dreamweaver HTML editor FTP client edit
pages upload web server files local files Dreamweaver coding 'properly' using Eclipse HTML editor edit
pages create WAR web server files local files Eclipse FTP client choose files upack
WAR * To update a single file the WHOLE website has to be uploaded!!!! local files combining Eclipse + Dreamweaver choose files edit
pages HTML editor create WAR FTP client upack
files web server Eclipse files HTML editor FTP client edit
pages upload Dreamweaver Adding Subclipse web server upack
files Dreamweaver edit
pages HTML editor create WAR Eclipse local files FTP client choose files HTML editor edit
pages FTP client upload files subversion
repository files update
commit But what about syncing the repository from outside Eclipse? Subversion for all... FTP client choose files FTP client create WAR subversion
repository Dreamweaver HTML editor edit
pages files files update
commit Eclipse edit
pages HTML editor local files web server upack
files upload Tortoise Client update
commit Subweaver update
commit Tools.. Development Team Meeting 2 teams or 1? the web development team have historically been separate from the main team... ...but this separation is increasingly artificial as both teams begin to work with very similar toolsets... ...if we combine our strengths and knowledge we can all benefit! tools and approaches to working We've got a huge range of tools available... JSP Javascript Apex Tomcat Oracle AS Java XML Flash JQuery SSO the web team's changing approach evolution: SQL Toad Dreamweaver Photoshop JSON ..and many more * Eclipse and Dreamweaver are both editing the same local files so there are no conflicts * By combining Eclipse and Dreamweaver, individual files can be uploaded direct to the Tomcat webapps folder Live Demo
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