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Tropicana / Cool Earth

Tropicana & Cool Earth Strategy & Mrkting

chris bridgland

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Tropicana / Cool Earth


Strengthen Tropicana’s equity by promoting Rescue the Rainforest program
Drive awareness of Tropicana’s approach to sustainability

4 “viral” videos
online game

Blogging outreach

Target content sites and blogs
Blogging Strategy

Approach blogs/content sites to talk about the campaign, include videos / content

To incentivise the blog editors we sent them codes for money off Tropicana

Alongside this we asked bloggers to offer codes to followers, to drive fellow bloggers & readers to tropicanarainforest.com and social sites
Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking was a regular part of our campaign. We created and promoted content appealing to websites such as Digg, StumbeUpon and Reddit with headlines designed for impact. Content like:

10 Spectacular Rainforest views that will disappear in 10 Years
50 Amazing Facts About Rainforests you probably never knew
How Much Rainforest is destroyed every day (a visual representation in everyday objects)

300,000+ views across all videos / both channels

Game Seeding
140,000 plays of "Rainforest Rescue" across all gaming sites to date
4000+ plays last month


3000+ fans on the profile

Social bookmarking campaign
Successful campaigns implemented on Digg and Stumbleupon to increase traffic to Cool Earth website as well as increase traffic to online game.

Strategy to tweet out information and facts about deforestation as well as communicating across brand messages and content, and replying to direct and public messages to ensure connection with the brand.

Targeted following of accounts such as

Drive up awareness of campaign with recognised twitter users.

Alongside the idea was that every time an official tweet is re-tweeted Tropicana will save another 100 sq. ft. of rainforest to help spread further awareness to followers network.
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