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My Character Visuals

This is a presentation of what I want my charries to look like in my stories!!

Emmeline Browning

on 3 October 2010

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Transcript of My Character Visuals

Characters Davina Nuttel - Hollywood's hottest child star since Shirley Temple -Likes: big houses, mint-chocolate chip ice cream, -Dislikes: interviews, veggies, reading, anything not overly expensive Lurleen Daniels - rising country singer -Likes: guitars, Taylor Swift, Big Macs -Dislikes: Davina Nuttel Brock Worthington - billionaire Chester Worthington's only son -Likes: snowboarding, attending Hollywood parties Michaelle Quincampoix - rising child star in France, moved to America -Likes: boys with brown hair and blue eyes, ratatoullie -Dislikes: bratty kids, snooty rich people, cold weather
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