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Chowan River Basin

No description

Gianna Partee

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Chowan River Basin

Chowan Maps Dams within the Chowan How large is the Chowan? Uses of the Chowan History of the Chowan The swamps within the Chowan are home to various songbirds, and other animals. There are NO dams within the Chowan River Basin. Although there were efforts made. The Chowan river basin is approximately 1,370 square miles. The Chowan River is known for having some of the best fishing sites in the state of North Carolina. The Chowan was once occupied by the Algonquian Indians. Typical wildlife and plant life in the Chowan Chowan River Basin In addition, the Chowan also has many areas to hike in. In 1585 the Roanoke colony arrived to the Chowan River, and there began to be dysfunction. In 1643 the Chowans once again faced a "pale faced" threat. During the early 1700s the Chowans were stripped of their culture. Chowan swamps also house various types of trees. The freshwater areas of the Chowan have large patches of grassy areas. Endangered Species in the Chowan Atlantic Sturgeon 5 Mussel Species Chowanoke Crayfish Threats to the Chowan Water Pollution Agricultural Processes Bluegill Herring Largemouth Bass Sunfish Bennett's Millpond Trail and
RockyHock Creek Dillard Creek Trail Algonquian Tribe Alliance Weapemeoc Chowanoke Secotan Ralph Lane Start Location Ending Location Prothonotary Warbler Swanson Warbler Black Bear Bobcat River Otters Bald Cyprus Tupelo Prairie Cordgrass Alewife Mussel Tidewater Mucket Nutrient Buildup Runoff Swine Production Chowan River Meherrin River Blackwater River Edenton Jackson Gatesville Roanoke Rapids Ahoskie Murfreesboro Aulander Aulander Ahoskie winton Murfreesboro Edenton Chowan River Meherrin
River Blackwater River Rich Square Jackson Nottoway River Roanoke River Resources

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