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Nike (Goddess) Edited

No description

Lance Ibrahim

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Nike (Goddess) Edited

Who Is Nike?
Nike is the goddess of speed, strength, and victory! She was often worshipped alongside Athena, the Goddess of war and wisdom.
Why is Nike important in
Greek Mythology?
According to greek mythology, Styx brought Nike and her siblings to Zeus when he was gathering up allies for the Titan war. Nike was a charioteer, a role in which she is often illustrated in classical Greek art. Nike flew around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame.
Other interesting
facts about Nike
The shoe and sports equipment company Nike, Inc. is named after her.
A figure of Nike was used on the first
FIFA World Cup Trophy
Nike is pictured on the front of the
World War II Victory Medal
The hood ornament on the Rolls Royce vehicle was inspired by Nike
Links used
The End!
http://goddessnike.com/ (+ links)
Nike's Family
Nike is described as the daughter of
Pallas (who was a titan) and Styx.
She is the sister of Kratos (goddess of
strength), Bia (goddess of force), and
Zelus (god of rivalry). Nike and her
siblings were very close friends of Zeus
(the God of all Gods)
Nike's relationship with other
God's and Goddesses
Nike was never married. She has no children. Many times, Nike is worshiped alongside the goddess Athena.
Connections with Society
Nike is the Goddess of Victory, and since Nike is one of the leading brand names for sports, it has become very popular as it symbolizes victory. Therefore, Nike, the Greek Goddess, influences the beliefs of society by implying that anyone wearing Nike branded clothes will be victorious.
I really don't share any traits with Nike. She is a girl, i am obviously a guy. There is one trait i share with her, and its Victory. I will do whatever I have to just to win.
The Odyssey
So far, I haven't found anything about Nike in The Odyssey. Her and her siblings helped Zeus is many wars. Nike played the role of a charioteer.
By Lance Ibrahim
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