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Hellenism Timeline

No description

d bomm

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Hellenism Timeline

322 bc 336 bc Demosthenes'
suicide Phillip II is
assassinated Attic Orators
(5th-4th C BC) Alexander the Great
becomes king (at age 20) Aristotle dies 370 bc c. Plato writes
the Phaedrus "Thou art invincible, my son!" 323 bc Alexander
dies 146 bc 30 bc Fall of the
last state Defeat of Greek
"heartlands" by Rome 55 bc Cicero writes
De Oratore 384 bc Aristotle
is born c. 35 Quintilian
is born Diadochi rule Alexander's empire - Hellenism spreads for centuries Alexander's Empire
334 bc - 323 bc Roman Rhetoric Antigonid Attalid Seleucid Ptolemaic
(wives were named
Cleopatra) Early Italy (3rd C B.C.) Etruscans, Samnites, and Latins 264 bc First Punic War 218 bc Second Punic War Third Punic War Primary Political Unit: The Roman Household Paterfamilias Head of the Roman household Sons Daughters Slaves Freed-men Clients Wife? 354 bc
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