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The Wisconsin Werewolf

No description

Dakota Reichardt

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of The Wisconsin Werewolf

The Wisconsin Werewolf
Where did the legend start?
In the last year
Early in the year there was a Werewolf sighting in Shawano County in which two people saw multiple creatures standing around 7 feet tall and were bi-pedal.
What is a Werewolf?
A werewolf is a person who changes periodically into a half man-half wolf (or a giant wolf)who walks on hind legs and terrorizes people. Often the transformation occurs during a full moon.
Wisconsin Sightings
There has been 9 Major reported sightings of a Werewolf in Wisconsin ranging from 1936-1999
4 have occurred in the same general area called "Bray Road"
There was a book written by Linda S. Godfrey that goes into more detail about the sightings on Bray Road and interviews some of the people who reported the sightings.
The legend of the werewolf first showed up in the 15-17th century. And lots of parents used this legend to scare their children into going into the woods.
Around 10 minutes later the reports state that the eyewitnesses also saw a unexplainable flying object circling the forest they were in. Connection? Maybe, maybe not.
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